$3-$4 a Gallon for Premium Gas + 18 mpg Mustang

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by GM Dude, Mar 7, 2004.

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  1. That's an UGLY car
  2. GaPonyFarm,

    I am not self-centered. I always mention 9/11 here in my posts because my heart cries out to the 9/11 victims and to the victims' families. I have a very hard time and I cannot beleive the extent of the damage that the Arab terrorist scum inflicted upon the 3,000 people that died in 9/11, and upon their families and to my beloved America. The Arab Muslims were the ones who committed the terrorist attacks to America, not anyone else. If you can understand this, then you can understand why I keep mentioning 9/11. And hopefully, you can also understand that the Arabs are the ones who are a threat to this country and not anyone else. The Arabs are the ones who have committed terrorism in America and they are the ones who are playing with the world's oil production/supply. It's not the United States. We just buy our oil from these scumbags. They are ALL guilty of what they did to our beloved America and to the West. And we give them billions of dollars of aid when we should really be kicking their a$$e$ for what they did to us on 9/11. The Arabs have been screwing the world by charging whatever they want for their oil for the past 33 years ever since they formed OPEC. OPEC is a threat to us and to the rest of the world. They are the reason why we have inflation in this country and why everything is so expensive. And it is also the reason why the European economies are all screwed up. Maybe you don't understand this. Maybe you are a moron. Maybe you are just plain ignorant or just a pacifist. I don't know. But I just wanted to tell you why I post what I post in here. My posts are not lies and they are not meant to stir people in here up. My posts are facts that people like you don't know about. Now that you know what's going on, you should not accuse me of being self-centered because I am not. I just say things like the way they are. That's all. The truth sometimes hurts. Especially if you are a left wing liberal socialist and don't want to hear the truth the way it is. If this is the case, then I understand. Left wing liberals always blame hard working Americans for everything and they want to make this country unsafe to live in for everyone.
  3. Ron please tell me you are not saying they are the sole reason for inflation. You know that is not true.
  4. Okay. Maybe not 100% true, but they did contribute to inflation because mostly everything is made from oil. And if the Arabs hike their oil prices, everything goes up.
  5. Most things are not necessarily made from oil. But we depened on oil to power the trucks that deliver nearly everything. Housing is a good example. People charge as much as they think they can get for a house. If they get that much. The next person will charge the same or more. That has nothing to do with OPEC. But it does cause issues. Where I live the median house cost is $250k and often times more.
  6. Another small comment towards the lack of real vehicles that do not use fossil based fuels. The biggest one is the government is holding back this technology because they can't tax you on it like they can gas. Once they figure out how to tax people on it, it will come out in hoards. I have no fact based info towards this, it may even be an urban myth, but it sure makes a lot of sence to me.
  7. WOW WOW, back the little kabooseup! Some of us dont want gay crap electric engines with pitiful sounding exhaust. We want muscle gasoline burning ground shaking powerful engines...

    battery powered engines can kiss my rear.

  8. Points are Valid SVTdriver, but I was in a hurry to get out and fix/play with my own gas powered toys.

    Why do I have to spell EVERYTHING out down to the most trivial detail? Is it that hard to form a logical connection by interpreting what someone writes with an open mind?
    If I had time to polish my thoughts (or really cared too) I would have been a little more precise.

    A One off car costs big money! Limited production cars cost big money. Limited production can mean 100, 500, 1000, 10000, etc so don’t f with me. Mass production = big numbers and automation. This rings true for new products in the market place too. Microwaves, stereos, computers... they all start out high dollar. What was once $1000 is $100 thanks to VOLUME production.

    If "A CAR LIKE THAT" just to clarify, was to be produced by a large manufacturer with volume production on their side, it would not cost 200K

    AC cannot run 200K cars off their line a year. They are hand built, not mass produced. Therefore it falls under limited production. It is also a platform for ONE car. Most auto makers use one platform for many, cutting costs further.

    I was speaking theoretically from the beginning, but if you want to read into things so you can increase your post count by split hair arguing, be my guest.
    Just keep in mind, I'm not arguing, I was just expressing a viable possibility based on one company's R&D. Like a dog in a pound, you can yap all you want, but I'm not going to feed or pet you.

    I can already see the next car war on the horizon. It will be Domestic and Import vs. Volt heads

    Are people closed minded because they are afraid something may fall out?

  9. :lol:
  10. to defend my hybrid thing once again, if you take a v6 stang, ad an electric motor, it will only get faster and more efficient. You're taking energy that would otherwise be wasted as heat energy in the brakes and using that energy for extra boost. I don't see why you have to be closed minded and stick to the stigma that as soon as you put an electric motor in a car, its gonna go slow all of a sudden. Sure it adds weight and cost, but so does a supercharger. I really cant wait for that 275 hp hybrid highlander/rx330 to come out, its gonna go faster and use less gas than the standard version. Just cause this technology is being put into a japanese doesn't mean it doesn't have potential elsewhere.
    I hadn't heard about the nsx, that should be sweet, but i did mention a 300hp hybrid supra a while back.
    For those people who aren't as blessed as ronnie, a hybrid mustang could someday be a cheap alternative that still moves like a gt or something.
  11. 100 miles? I'm not looking for a golf cart, I'm looking for an automobile...

    60 sec & 1/4 mile times ain't too bad though!
  12. Ron Jeremy,

    I've seen Arab muslims up close personal... too many, too close in fact. I'm retired Infantry and saw plenty of them during the first gulf war. I didn't see terrorists, but I saw terror in their eyes. It was sad. But its no wonder that they should ALL hate America, even though they don't.

    Extremists attacked America, not withstanding their ties to a few Saudi officials. I have no love for Saudi Arabia, if you want to hate them, its okay with me...

    OPEC is all about business. Americans more than anybody should understand that the more we want and use oil, the more it is worth in the marketplace. If we are willing to pay $50 a barrel, there's no reason that they shouldn't charge that much. If we stop buying, the price will drop until we start buying again. Simple economics. Do you think an american company would sell its product for substantially less than the market would pay? No chance!

    The problem with prices is not inflation, its greed. Inflation is nearly non-existant. But corporate greed is at an all time high.

    Yea, I'm a liberal. I figure I paid the price of admission for my views with 20 years and 2 purple hearts (neither in the gulf). One thing I learned over my time traveling around the world that you gain more world peace by giving a hand up to the poor and helpless, than by forcing peace over the sights of a rifle.

    Maybe you're not a bad guy, just naive. Until you walk in the shoes of others, don't be so quick to judge them. Stop being a victim, stop hiding behind your BS screen name, and stop telling your stupid "I'm a Jew **** star and am rich beyond my wildest dreams" stories. It makes you look like an idiot and removes any credibility for any truly insightful knowledge that you may actually posess.

    Meanwhile, stop talking your smack, and instead go out a donate a pint of blood, and do something useful with your life. The soldiers fighting now, sure could use as much blood as you or anyone is willing to share.
  13. Okay. I agree with you. I am a man of peace myself too. I don't like war, but I am very angry at what the terrorists did to us. I want this terrorist stuff to stop, but I know that it will not stop. The Arabs are going to continue to kill Americans no matter what we do. It's sad for me to see more of our brave American soldiers lose their lives for oil and for the Muslim Arabs. The Arabs don't even like us and the rest of the west. America has nothing to gain from helping the Arabs. We are doing what the British were doing 75 and 100 years ago. The British were trying to make human beings out of the Arabs and they couldn't do it. And we will not be able to do it either. I beleive that we must abandon the middle east and look after ourselves and our own country. We would be better off if we were isolationists. And I beleive that if any Arab country is to screw with us anymore from now on that we must level them and their country with nuclear weapons. I am sick and tired of terrorism. We have to become strong as a nation again and stop being pu$$ies. I don't like it when foreign countries push us around and kill our soldiers and burn our American flag. People and countries that do this sort of thing should be punished. I just wanted to tell you how I feel about these things. I hope that you can be understanding. Thanks.
  14. The problem with OPEC is its against everything that we've built our nation (the US) upon. Its a controlled economic entity that sets prices and thereafter controls supply and demand. Its also ILLEGAL in the US in many aspects of the law. Yet we have a substantial dependence on foreign oil that it adversely affects us. To just blow this off as some people who are greedy is just not giving credit to the largeness of the situation.

    It is wrong to refer to arab nations as a whole are one way or another. For instance the majority of Iraqi people are on the US side in terms of creating a democracy and allowing freedom to everyone. And you are right describing the terrorists as extremists...but what your NOT telling is the fact that there is MUCH more hatred bred into their society than a few innocent people. We see everyday how much our news media manipulates us. You for instance are a liberal yet you have served over seas...that just shows have manipulative any form of media can be. Consider in an environment that has been controlled by a dictator for decades, rapes and pillaged the people of its land, not only threatened with but USED chemical weapons on the people, and you understand just how easily it is for these people to be brainwashed for life. What im getting at is these people in general may feel that they dont hate us but in the same light they DO hate us and NOT for anything we have done to them.

  15. And the U.S. doesn't have monopolies and protectionist trade policies? Come on.

    The answer to our addiction to fossil fuels is not drilling for more oil, digging for more coal, or having a foreign policy that contibutes to resentment by other nations. It is getting off our asses and implementing the use of other, renewable forms of energy. Not investigating or researching or developing, but implementing. Aside from the OPEC countries themselves, there is probably no other country in the world that even comes close to us in the percentage of energy generated by burning fossil fuels.

    For those of you that think this is a bunch of liberal hippie crap, consider this:

    At the end of 2001, the installed wind power production on europe was 17,000 MW, capable of producing 40 billion KW-hours of electricity annually, enough to power 10 million average european households. This a little more than the current population of Illinois and Wisconsin combined. By mid 2003, that number was up to 25,000 MW. By 2010, 75,000 MW. The savings are even greater than this because the figures don't take into account the cost and energy consumed in mining/drilling fossil fuels, refining, transpotation, etc. Clean perpetual energy, doesn't screw up the air, water, no oil spills, and OPEC doesn't have a say in turning off the tap.

    This also doesn't account for other installations involving solar, hydro, geothermal, etc. They aren't just talking about it, they are doing it. Consider that the next time you hear a politician talk about allocating funds for research and feasability studies.

    And now the punchline: TOTAL INSTALLED U.S. WIND ENERGY CAPACITY: 6,374 MW as of Jan 22, 2004. (ooooooooh)

    Our politicians are in the back pocket of the oil industry. While the privaleged few are lining their pockets, we are all falling behind.

    http://www.ewea.org/doc/20-02-02 European Wind Energy 2001 stats.pdf
    http://www.ewea.org/documents/13190_policy briefing_4.pdf
  16. I understand what your saying; simply put... An electric power adder right???
  17. Then we should fire and get rid of all the politicians. I say that we vote for **** stars to run the American economy and the government. At least **** stars are open about screwing people. Politicians aren't. And at least, **** stars would make love not war.
  18. not very enlightened are you, Ron. "teach the arabs to be human beings" ? They are human beings, what's inhuman is some of them use an extreme fundamentalist approach to religion and therefore have a nice cover for being an inate 'Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me', which is not at all unlike some christians here in America who like to murder abortion doctors and terrorize young women who want or NEED an abortion, all done in the name of "god". it's white american terrorism, nothing less. The KKK is a nice little terrorist organization, with all the burning of the crosses and lynching black males.

    Personally if America wants to stop terrorism it should do so as a good parent would do to help raise a decent child, through example. You can't be a war mongering country like th US and expect no one else to be likewise. YOu can't send your own personal terrorist organization (CIA) around the globe provoking trouble and not expect trouble to eventually come back to us.

    I'm tired of the word "terrorism" because now when it's used people instantly see brown people with towels over their heads. Would I rather live in the US or the Middle East? America hands down, no contest. Any country that prohibits a woman from displaying her body however she wants when she wants is obviously backward and demented in its thinking, but that just goes back to religious extremism, NOT being an arab. Remeber when good ol Janet flashed her breast and what followed was a moral pounding by a bunch of overly RELIGIOUS buffoons reminding us ONCE again that a woman's body is a detestable wicked thing. Not too much different than what you might find in the middle east, only less extreme for the moment.

    Unrelated but has to be said:
    Another thing that cracks me up is that the Saudis were behind 9/11 and what did Bush do? He attacked Iraq. If there ever was a more evil regime in need of ousting it would be saudi arabia. That right there in itself tells me (and should tell anyone with a clue) that Bush is a liar without shame, and doesn't mind in the least how much american blood he spills to redeem his daddy's shattered honor. There are countless evil regimes in the world, some of which have US backing AND do ont deny having WMDs, but we won't be going after them any time soon because the war in Iraq is Bush's war, not mine. I never felt threatened by a third world dictator with a silly moustache and demented fixation with himself. This whole Bush administration is a sham and lie. Oh, and Bush will trot out Osama maybe a month or two before November just so he can look like a helluva leader and all the fools in this country will vote him in for another miserable 4 years of "terror" and war and blood letting.

    Now, back to you, Ron. Advocating the use of NUCLEAR weapons (note the spelling, George W, you illiterate whack job) is hardly the choice of a rational and peaceful kinda guy. Am I wrong? I don't have anything against you, Ron, and I apologize if I came off that way. It's just the whole "teach the arabs to be human beings" line sorta set me off. It just reeked of egocentrism. Americans are all too often the victim of this malady.

    I'm out.

    Peace out to GaPony... you're an inspiration...
  19. Well, I think that all of the Arabs are really backwards people and all of the Arab countries are mickey mouse countries with corrupt leaders running them. And most of the people in all of these Arab countries are primitive people with primitive cultures. That's why I said that comment about "teaching the Arabs how to be human beings". I feel that because they are all backwards, corrupt and mickey mouse countries, there is no way in hell that they will ever be able to be a cultured civilization. I think that this will do no good because if the British weren't able to culture and civilize the Arabs, we Americans will not be able to either. This is what I was trying to say in my older post in here.

    And as for using nuclear weapons on the middle east, I think that this isn't a bad idea at all. At least, we can stop terrorism and muslim fundamentalism if we go this route. Most of the countries in the middle east are nothing but barren desert. What's the difference if we wipe out a few of them off the face of the Earth? We will be doing everyone a favor. There are hundreds of millions of Arab Muslims who are a threat to the west. If we don't get them first, they will definitely get us first. The September 11th attacks are a good example of this. Don't mistaken me for a jingoist. I am not a jingoist, but I beleive in self-preservation. I am also not a hate monger. But I beleive in protecting the United States from any adverse enemy who can destroy us. It is unfortunate to say this, but most of the Arabs and the Arab nations are not our friends. They don't like us. They would love to see our civilization and our country be destroyed. The only reason why we have to deal with them is because of their petroleum and because they are strategically located near Russia and China. There are really not too many other reasons why we deal and put up with the Arab nations.

    If it means that we have to level out the middle east with nuclear weapons to save America, I think that we should not argue about it. We should just go ahead and do it and not feel bad about it. If we don't do this, one of these days, one of these Arab Muslim countries will get hold of a nuke and they will use it on us or on Western Europe. Think about it. Do you think that if the Arab terrorists had a nuclear weapon that they wouldn't use it on the United States, Great Britain or Western Europe? You bet they would. You are an idiot if you think otherwise that they wouldn't. The only reason why no Arab terrorists have been able to use a nuclear weapon or a biological weapon against us is because they haven't got their hands on any yet. Just wait and see what they will do if and when they do get their hands on a nuclear weapon or on a biological weapon. They will use it. And they will use it against America and the West. That's the only reason why I beleive that we should strike first and nuke the entire middle east. We must wipe them out before they wipe us out. This may sound kind of extreme, but we have no other choices. We cannot stop terrorism and we cannot tame muslim fundamentalism. So, we unfortunately have to deal with it in a very cruel way. This is the only solution that I see here. Then we will also have solved the world's oil problem. No middle east, no OPEC, no oil problems. I see no other way to deal with this problem. When diplomacy and all else fails, then countries have to take drastic measures to protect themselves. It's better to wipe them out first before they all wipe us out. I hope that you can follow what I am trying to say here. We owe them nothing.
  20. yikes...this thread is getting really scary.
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