300 RWHP and over

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by fastbluecoupe, Jun 8, 2004.

  1. Damn I love that GT40p's numbers
  2. My old 302 with a bone stock bottom end made somewhere around 280 at the wheels. Never had it dynoed to back those numbers up just a guesstimate. I'm hoping my 347 will make 400 at the wheels. That is with a stock block. When I say stock I mean came stock in a 69 boss mustang ;) But it is a pretty radical combo for street duty and more engineered for the strip.
  3. This is at the flywheel. My 302 made 421hp at 6500 at 386ft at 5000. With a 88 short block and 68 4v 302 heads 49cc chamber. 1.94/1.60 valve Port and polished as much I they could go. I have 10:5:1 compression. A cobra Intake ported with a 2" spacer and Holley 750DP. Luntia cam Vavle lift .526in .530ex. Duration @ .050 221in 232ex. Lobe separtion 111. When I have anough money and time. I going to freshin this motor up but bore it .030 over and deck the block some. I dont know how much horse power that would come out to at the wheels.
  4. If you read the post again, I questioned him claiming those were RWHP #'s, then he claimed they were flywheel.