302 engine swapped into a 67 coupe sixer?

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  1. Okey, i've never done an engine swap but have done my own stuff like heads, intake and turbo so I'm not a complete newb but my question is..

    i found a 6 cyclinder 67 coupe cheep really cheap and was wondering what it would involve? what kinda cost am I looking at if I pick up a cheap 5.0 engine what would be needed to complete this swap for example I would prob need new front springs from a v8 right? what about motor motors and electronics? and the rear in the sixer is that a 8.8? prob not right?

    any help would be great

  2. Brakes probably needs to be upgraded too... it would be a good swap from drum to disc all around. it probably has 4-lug, so you would want to change that to 5-lug hubs. Yes, you would need V8 coil springs. I think 8" rear comes with sixes... If so, it's probably good up to 300-400hp range. I am not sure about the motor mounts - I am sure someone will answer that. You can do the search on the I6 to V8 swap - I'll bet you will find lots of good info there.
  3. This issue has been discussed here so many times that to answer again is pointless. If your wallet doesn't mind, you are skilled and have lots of time, by all means DO IT.

    Study up on the "Times Wisdoms" (below)
  4. the convention wisdom is, it isnt worth the time/$$$ when you can buy a V8 car to start with.

    I agree with the conventional wisdom.
  5. Thanks for the help guys

  6. Those quotes are nice but im getting this car for $1100 without any rust decent paint and a rod knocking v6 engine. Only faws seem to be the front bench but that's coming out for some buckets.

    so it's worth the time/money to me
  7. Don't do it. Buy a V8 to start off with. The rear is a 7.5 for sixes. come on guys. Sigh. :nonono:
  8. Thats kinda rare too with the bench seat. Don't butcher it, get another one and someone restore that one.

  9. The bench seat is shot man.. the car is painted dark purple so it's deff not totally original. I'll never own a v6 mustang so it's getting the swapp just need a lundrey list of parts that im gonna be banging knuckles over
  10. Its an I6 not a V6. Sorry, I don't mean this in a bad way, but you have a lot to learn. I still stand by my advice, if you want, you can build up the six for less money than the swap and will be just as fast as the "cheap 5.0" you want (really depends on if you mod the motor though). The I6 is a very tough, smooth engine. An I6 powered car handles better due to the almost equel weight distribution. Its a few hundred lbs lighter, which is better in general.

    Transmission would aslo have to go if you swap.
  11. Several Mustang magazines have dine illustrated feature articles on the swap. Your $1,100 car will cost you HUGE bucks and will far exceed the cost of starting with a V-8 car. Of course it is your call and experience means nothing. right? :nono: :nono:
  12. Might be a good time to add another item to the Timeless Wisdom list Dave

    "If you want a V8 Mustang, then buy a V8 Mustang"

  13. It just depends... if the Mustang still has the original suspension, it will need to be replaced anyway - just get the 9" axle with disc brakes and front spindles w/ disc brakes from late 70's Granada / Versallies from wrecking yard and then get super suspension kit from Mustang vendor to replace everything.. you are all set for V-8.
  14. Not necesarily. Consider this. I have a V8 fastback. It has V8 suspension front and back. I'm dropping a huge horsepower motor in. Ugrading the rearend to posi, disc brakes, stiffer springs, air shocks, rear sway bar. Front is getting stiffer springs, air shocks, thicker sway bar, and poly bushings everywhere. My point is that if he buys a V8 car and restores all of the mentioned parts anyway, even to stock, it will cost almost as much as what I am spending. And not all V8 cars have a nine inch, so if he wants one he would have to find one anyway. And he will probably want to rebuild the motor as well. So why pay the extra money for a V8 car, if you are going to replace most of those parts anyway, why not start with a cheap I6. I say go for it. While you got the engine out and all that suspension out you can do a nice cleanup and detail job in all the areas that you would have to pull engine and suspension to do anyway. :nice:
  15. But he is only putting in a "cheap" 302, so he wouldn't have to do all that with a V8 model.
  16. Alright to clear things up a bit my "cheap 302" does have a few bolt ons to it.. it's not a stock motor. It's got trw pistons, b303 cam, 73mm mass air, 24lbs injectors, gt40p heads with matching headers, 70mm tb with matching egr plate, trickflow track heat intake, afpr, and I have an Atrim vortech sitting a round that needs a rebuild prob so that will most likly find it's way onto the motor or i'll sell that off and get an s trim for it.

    The reason why im doing this swap or trying to get info for what is needed is simple because i've never owned an old school mustang I've always owned fox bodied 87 and 90 mustangs. So this is my chance to have a classic especially since i just sold my last fox but a I6 classic.. I don't think so if im gonna own a muscle car then it's gonna have to be of decent displacment.

    You can sit here and flame me for not starting with a v8 car but there not exactly that cheap anymore where as this car is 1100 cut and dry.. if I want to start with a v8 for that price then the body would be **** or i'd be paying out my ass for a decent one to start with. This project doesn't have to be done by the time spring rolls around.. so finding parts shouldn't be that tuff I'm still tunning the **** out of my 12 second pickup truck.
  17. Still shouldn't require a swap from common V8 parts. The price of a V8 body ain't that far from the I6 version. You say you have plenty of time so why not wait for a V8 body? You can find one. A 200 done right is not the joke a lot of people assume it is.
  18. I've been looking for another project to buy and store for later, and anything with a V8, even a coupe, that is asking only $1100 is a wrecked or rusted out hunk of sh**. Even if you get one at a decent price low price, it will likely have a worn out suspension anyway front and back and need alot of work. I say start with your blank page. Strip that sucker down and detail it underneath, find a good nine inch rear, buy a decent handling kit and drop that V8 in. One thing is for sure, if you do a nice job you will have more pride in your car for having done so much yourself. And I've checked out modding a six. It can be done but usually cost alot just to get it to stock V8 power. And that money would be well spent on modding the V8. If you have a pristine six model that is really worth holding on to, then I agree with you 100%, build your six. That does not sound like the case. I still say go for it. Follow your instinct. Use the force Luke.

  19. well I was only was concidering the 67 I6 swap to v8 because I came across a rust free cheap 67 coupe.. and have a 302 sitting around taking up space. don't take me the wrong way if the car was possibly mint I wouldn't hack it up but the interior is beat and the engine has major rod knocks.. it's got to have major cylindar wall damage so that engine will be taken out if i purchase the car.