35th Anniv 35th Anniversary vin question

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by csykes302, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. I was wondering if I could get my vin # looked at and figure out what number car i have. VIN#1FAFP42X4XF197260 Thats about it, site told me about all the goodies that was supposed to come with the car, I asked my parents and they never seen any of the goodies. Dad told me when they went to the lot the car just had been pulled off the hauler and still had the white protection stickers all over it, told em to wash it and he will come back to get it, guess the goodies wasn't at the dealership yet..sadly. Thanks for help.

  2. Your GT is #3137 of 4,628 according to VIN sequence.

    The way it worked was that once the car was registered in the owners name then Ford would send out the gift package about a month later. I received mine with the wrong car and called a number and they sent another complete gift package with the correct car. I was very lucky to say the least.
    Some dealerships probably did not forward the info to Ford, that may be why he did not receive one.

    Post up some pictures!