4.6 newb....im from the fox 5.0 side of stangnet

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  1. Just read though this whole thread..dont know why i never looked at it....car has come along nicely. Looks a lot better with the 315's instead of those skinny ass ones that were in there before
  2. Best I've seen in our 99 gt was 29 and it was all freeway on the way to Shawn's neck of the woods.
  3. thanks it had 275's on rear but with the 10.5 rim they looked small
  4. Geeze 275's...wtf was the previous owner thinking :nonono:
  5. I don't know.

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  6. Car has been doing great on my trips to ky and back for work.

    I think I found me a company truck now I gotta get my boss to buy it.

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  7. Bought a set of granatelli upper and lower control arms....now i have to find time to install them.... my new job has me on the road M-F and my wife dosent want me wrenching on the car when I am home......grrrrr
  8. Any updates for the ride?
  9. Damn... is this thread still going on? It was boring in the middle of page 1! :fuss:
  10. Looks good I wasn't a fan of the yellow but it works. Overall nice mustang.

  11. Thanks.

    I started a new job 20 April
    I am gone all week traveling and I spend weekend with family so I haven't had time to work on lemon head. I'll update as I get time to wrench on it.

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  12. See above post.

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  13. Did u say something?

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  15. not needed
    Used daily
    Will give to wife tonight
    Sounds interesting

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  16. I have in a box the upper and lower control arms. I need to install. I just bought a sct flash tuner xcal2 for 100 buzx im having bren speed write a custom tune for it.
  17. I installed the tune from brenspeed. Car runs very well.
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  18. I bought upper and lower control arms about 3 mos ago. I finally installed them today. Uppers took 30 mins the lowers took 2.5 hours. I didnt think i was ever going to get the two rear bolts out. They were rusted into the bushings. Car feels much tighter. No more wiggle and flex.
  19. Oh and i left the spring isolaters out to drop the rear a little more.
  20. How's the noise and harshness? I'd like the rear on my car to sit about 3/4" lower