4.6 newb....im from the fox 5.0 side of stangnet

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  1. Jay Leno spoiler looks great! :). How did you manage to get it flush with the front bumper??? Mine sits about a 1/4 inch in, in the center!?!?!
  2. I put the bolts in the slots on the sides and snugged the up enough to where they would slide then I moved to the front and center Made sure the sides were even when i pulled the spoiler out to the edge of the bumper and i drilled and installed the first center bolt. then i worked my way toward the outsides from the middle installing one to left of center then one to the right. One to left one to right So on and so forth. Making sure I kept the front edge lined up as I went.

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  3. I'a like your style 'eh
  4. smart ass
  5. are u just figuring this out?

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  8. Should read RICE RIDE on the license plate.
    My opinion looks like hammered dog :poo:.
    I give it TWO Thumbs DOWN. would be more but only got two hands. 31952303_cb12d09d45.jpg

  9. I think we should form a mob and drag him from his house to make him spray paint, "HONDUH > ME" all over his car in rattle can black. :D
  10. I think I'm going to tie noobs to a tree. And beat him with a rubber hose.

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  11. what? You don't like my car?

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  12. He started at the front center. Most people line up the spoiler's edge with the wheel well and work from there. If you check the side pic you can see the edges aren't lined up.

    It looks fine though, whichever way you go.

    Those deep dish mach 1 rims are awesome by the way.
  13. Yeah it was a trade off I wanted it lined up on front edge.

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  14. Sorry Droptop I dont like it? An bein yeller doesn't help. :) LOL
    That's how.I did mine. Found center on the chin spoiler and the center on the bottom of the front bumper. An flushed it up in the center front. Then worked my way out on both sides. Drilling holes an bolting it out towards each front tire. Now the spoiler doesn't reach the front finderwell? But had to have a trade off. To get it flush in the front. Plus I have the 01' Cobra bump on mine also.
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  15. Mine doesn't have a riced out body kit lol. Someone with administrative powers changed my post for fun. If you look at the plate on front of the yellow body kit it says Ontario I'm in indiana.

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  16. The yellow one with after market mach wheels is mine

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  17. Ok. I like that one Droptop. I like the mach rims. Still not hip on the yeller? But still is a slick stang bro.
  18. thanks. The yellow has really grown on me. I like it a lot more now then when I got it. If you read through the thread from beginning you will learn how I acquired this car.

    My name is Shawn also. Lol

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  19. Yeah I read the thread from beginning. I had couple stangs before aswell. Got an 88'Notchback five speed 5.0 and before that I had a 95' GT 5.0. Ended up sellin that one.
    4831-1987-Ford-Mustang-1.jpg 20796230046_large.jpg
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  20. Are you running coil overs on that sn95???