4.6 newb....im from the fox 5.0 side of stangnet

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  1. Looks GOOD!
  2. What did you do about the strut travel on your car? Does it try to bottom out the struts?
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  3. It looks really good! Please let us know how it rides and performs, if they are good I will give these springs a look.
  4. Just driving on normal road it drives rides and handles fine.. If you get into bumps its so low in front that the front struts try to bottom out so its a bit stiff.....
    I have had this problem on foxbodys also. I am pretty sure I can replace the struts and shocks to correct this. I need to get under it and take a look for factory bumpstops etc that it maybe hitting...
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  5. Looks 100x better with the springs...not saying it looked bad before.

    I think it makes the wheels go with the car better as well :shrug:

  6. Thanks.. my buddy and I said the same thing.
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  7. I didn't do anything lol. My car rides like crap. Im going to be replacing my shocks/struts here pretty soon to anyway.
  8. Ok I guess I am not alone. LOL Thanks for your honesty.
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  9. Looks great! Paint the calipers yellow! I think that would really set it off.
  10. i dont know about that.... Ill give it some thought
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  11. So what are your goals with this car? I see you had some tastefully modded Foxes.

  12. That's a very good question. I really do not have a answer yet. I'm still unsure. I'm not going to be dragging it I do know that. I've spent enough time and money chasing time slips and dyno number.
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  13. I never was much into suspension until I got the basics on my 2011 that I had. A nice set of springs/shocks/struts change the entire car!
  14. I just love how these look slammed.
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  15. Just an update on the springs and ride etc..

    I did not like the shims I had made for the cc plate install so I made the actual style needed out of bar stock in the lathe. These worked perfect. I removed the rubber bump stop material from the front struts and it no longer bottoms out in front. I went to the rear and removed the bumpstop above the rear end and cut about 1/2 of it off and put it back in. The ride is really decent now. (for a dropped spring car) IM PRETTY HAPPY WITH IT.

    I left the metal bumpstop on top of the struts I just removed the rubber snubber from under the bumpstops.

    heres the sleeves I made. They go between the top of the bumpstop on strut and meet up to the spherical bearing in the cc plate.

    View attachment 158224
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  16. I'm working on some 4" polished tips to fill in the bumper cut out. I'll post pics when I get them on. It may be a little while.
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  17. Put the tips on hold.

    The maximum motor sports full length frame connectors are now welded in and I just finished painting the areas where we removed paint for welding... They are really nice frame ties. The fit and quality are great! Made a nice change to the ride quality as well... The car is really coming along.
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  18. Definitely one of the better upgrades on the sn95 cars is subframe connectors. You are taking all of the right steps on this car as the suspension upgrades totally change the car.
  19. Thanks. I need to find a cheap set of control arms.... mine feel like the bushings are flexing.

    My buddy has a steeda timing adjuster. Do you think it would help much?
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  20. Back in the days when me and @winters97gt had the 2vs he swore by them and ran them on each of his cars. I know they helped him pick up a little power though I usually just skipped that and went the programmer route.