40th Anniv 40th Anniversary Stangers...

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  1. :D I have truly stopped trying to make people understand that!!!:shrug: Seems there just aren't enough of us with the Anniversary Editions around, I have never found anyone with another white one yet....:(
  2. 7 years later and I'm still trying to get people to understand the same thing about the 1999 "Limited Edition" GT.

    I gave up for the most part.
  3. A total of 5700 mustangs had the 40th anny package. Here is the color breakdown from the yellow mustang registry.

    Color Name Units Sold
    Black 22,094
    Silver Metallic 19,755
    Redfire 19,068
    Dark Shadow Grey 18,415
    Oxford White 16,846
    Torch Red 15,935
    Sonic Blue 9,036
    Screaming Yellow 7,501
    Competition Orange 6,426
    Crimson Red (40th Anniv) 4,529
    Azure Blue(Mach I only) 1,309
    Mysti-Chrome 993
    TOTAL 141,907
  4. Unfortunately for the 40th Anniversary Package cars there is only the breakdown for the Red, not for the black or the Oxford white....I have contacted Ford and even THEY can't give me the info....
  5. I have a DSG, 5 speed, GT, coupe, Bryant, AR.

  6. SWEET!!!!!! I just scrolled back and found this!!! You are the only other white Anniversary edition other than mine that I have found....nice to meet ya!!!!:nice:
  7. crimson red gt..auto Hardinsburg,Indiana only add ons are bumper inserts,k&n cai and a mach 1 grill delete.. :)
  8. 40th ann Dark Shadow Grey Mustang GT
  9. Limited Edition? :D

    You wouldn't have to do that if you stopped going to that lowrent stang **** site, stick around here
    I saw that
  10. How the **** can any of you not know if you have a "Limited Edition" mustang or not????? It should have something on the guage cluster, like my '99 Limited it says 35th Anniversary, whereas a regular 99 GT has a plain black panel. There are obvious differences, and none of them performance. Only looks. But hey, a numbered car is better in my opinion, my car is worth about 2000 more than a regular GT, using all the sources available to me and averaging it out.

    I think the 99's were more worth it, back then, to get the limited, the 40th really isnt anything special, imo. My car is very often confused with a Mach1.
  11. I would never confuse your car with a Mach 1. Neither the 35th or 40th anniversary limited editions are any more special than the other; a Bullitt edition 2001 model would be worth more than either of those imo.
  12. Why do you always hate on the 40ths? Do we even know what you drive, you don't even have anything in your sig. And Quickcapri83, how do you figure you look like a Mach. You don't even have a hood scoop from what I can tell in your sig. What makes a 35th more special than a 40th? "IYO" If you go to KBB, theres no extra check for a "limited edition" yet there is a 40th. Imagine that
  13. look about twenty posts up in this thread doofus

    if you're offended that a Bullitt is going to be worth more to a majority of potential Mustang buyers than a 40th anniversary 'limited edition" model, tough teabags toots.
  14. I never said anything about a bullit, I was talking about capri w/ his 99 "limited edition"
  15. Only think meant for you is why does it bother you so much about the 40ths? You always bash em
  16. To say that I "always" hate on the 40ths is comical, considering there is 2004 Mustang in my driveway, doofus. You say "do we even know what you drive....", well, do you even know how to read, doofus, and have you ever read this thread in it's entirety? Look, it's there in really, really, hard-to-miss words.
  17. Dark Shadow Grey 5 speed GT w/ 40th package and mach audio.


    i just put a mach1 grill in it but have yet to do another shoot w/ the car... i am also waiting for shops to get the mach1 chin as well as 10.5" wheels for the back.
  18. in iraq nowbut i have an 2004 gt silver 5speed coup
    with bbk cai, bbk 70mm throttle body, bbk under drive pulleys, diablo predator, bassani headers,x-pipe with cats, and cat back exhaust. plan on getting the gears and drive shaft and port and polished heads, and cam shafts when i get back.