40th Anniv 40th Anniversary Stangers...

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  1. 40th Anniversary Mach 1, 2004 Azure Blue

    Contributing to the thread. I've always wanted a Mustang, and used to work for a popular dealership, so when they drove this beauty to me and gave it to me for a weekend to test-drive? I have to say I'm an extremely happy Mustang Mach 1 owner for over two years now. My 13 year old son is already trying to prep me for his 'false' sense of taking over and driving my baby. :rlaugh: Like that's going to happen!
  2. I've got a Sonic Blue, five-speed GT
  3. I have a 40th Anniversary Crimson Red Convertible. I have a few mods on it. Nothing to brag about. Here is a small vid I made after installing my exhaust. Made room for my new tires.....by the way baghdad soldier..I am in Iraq also...three years and counting!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-HVEuKoi7s
  4. nice video thanks.
    just bought Crimson Red, 5 Speed, GT, Coupe -25,000
    Knoxville TN.
    has a lot of inside issues passanger seatbelt won't work,
    rear window trim came off, thunk of a noise in the rear right ,
    Ford states it the noise is common.
    driver seat is bent to the left like someone leaned out the window all the time lol.
    I like the car so Ford will have a lot of upkeep till the warranty goes out it looks like.
    8-22-06 all issues fixed warranty - seat frams & latch - seat belt-window trim
    the noise was a shock like i informed them,
  5. I just got a 04 DSG GT Coupe 5 Spd
  6. I have a black GT with the 40th aniv. package. Arizona beige stripes and wheels. Also has the nice 40th plaque near the 5 speed shifter. Love the car.
    I will definetly stick with this over a base GT.
  8. :SNSign:
    who has the most mods? :p
  9. 2004 GT

    mods triax short shifter - going to put a 373 gear soon

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  10. Dark Shadow Gray, 5spd., Coupe and Kenne Bell
  11. Before I say anything you sound straight ignorant.
    It isnt on there, but it is mentioned on another site, I cant remember the name. I do not know why it's not on KBB, and it doesnt really matter to me.
    That last time I heard anyone speak of the values, we had to go to a website other than KBB to get them, and, it pretty much went from 10.5k to 15k depending on condition and mileage. Mine is worth 12k. But again who really cares.

    Also I dont really know why I said it that way, but I have nothing against 40th anny's, and, YES, ppl do actually confuse my car with mach's, mostly from a drive by view, but I have actually had a few under-informed ppl ask me outright. But i'm not the one doing it...chill out. And I dunno if a 35th is any better than a 40th, I dont know as much about the 40th as I do the 35th. Like mine is in performance red, how many mustangs come in that color? It's just kinda nice to have a few extra's to have it stand out, especially if one is to keep a car stock. And again, why the hatin' attitude man...jeez. It's a board, be easy you cant tell exactly how ppl mean what they say.

    It sucks when people get all bent out of shape over a simple comment. I learned a long time ago to leave the ego off the board, it only starts fights, or makes a person look rude or ignorant.

    To the other topic. I'm building a 4V motor and going FI, should be done by next year, i'm waiting on a CD I invested in, gonna take some cash from there, gotta be carefull.
    I love my 35th. I like the overall theme, and not many came in the color.
    After looking into it, I like the 40th just as much, just as nice, and a few better options available, and comes with the newer stronger tranny I guess. So, it's a matter of opinion. My car is in absolute mint condition, that is why I bought it. I'm busy with my DD project, '95 Cougar, supercharging it. Lata

    Edit: Here's a pic for MGSTANG, see the scoop. LOL

    Someone else should post some nice pics of a 40th!! Although the one's above are hot. We need an official 40th pic sticky in here...

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  12. heres mine....just ordered the Procharger with the D1SC Polished head unit and 3 core intercooler. Will have numbers soon!

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  13. Oxnard, Ca. Crimson Red 40th. GT


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  14. 40th ed. dark gray 5spd gt, with roush body kit
    srry for bad pic, bad cam at the time

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  15. What brought my post up from 6 months ago? I don't even have the car anymore. I have a 2006 Redfire GT now. Your calling me ignorant but you brought up a thread that I haven't even read in 6 months? I'm not going back to read everything, but I obviouslly said that statement for a reason. Maybe because you always had something negative to say about the 40ths Even though you say you don't. But obviouslly, I don't care. I had my old car on a magazine cover (not a fake one). So my goals have moved on to a new car. So, no hard feelings anywhere. Just dont' see why this was brought up again 6 months later


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  16. some cool facts about the crimson spec. editions that ive found ... i saw it on the back cover of an xbox racing game..and also the convertable version crimson 40th was the one they had all the american idol people do a commercial for..i taped it! and its on www.seriouswheels.com thats where that pic of it and the jet plane came from.
  17. I'm so confused

    MGSTANG, I think maybe you might have me confused with someone else. This all started, where, someone else was talkin' smack about the 40th's. Me, I just made that one comment, related only to whether I thought my 35th was better. From outside the box, honestly, no, it's not, because it's older, and, the '04's have the newer stuff.( Bulkier rear scoops/hood scoop, new tranny, new headlamps, and a number of other improvements).

    My comment was merely to suggest that, it was a good car because it was mint, and it really did take me a long time to find it. Honestly, I dunno why I wanted a 35th so much, I could have bought anything, except a Cobra, my fiancee` was not cool with it, and neither was my financial situation at the time. I won my settlement, after, I got my car, so. My options were very limited.

    Anyways, Performance Red is my favorite color on our style car, the '99-04's basically, but strictly 99-04, and the newer the better. I knew I wanted a nice interior, and I have always loved black, and well, my favorite color, personally, is silver, always has been, and so, upon some research, and really, accidentally running into a website dedicated to the 35th anny -Limited Edition-, I saw that they made it in Performance Red, and it could have black/silver leather, and the block immersion heater, power accessory, the black vinyl on the hood, the scoop, the larger rear scoops like the newer stangs, I mean, the list go's on and on, mach460, so...

    Basically, the models that came after the '99 Limited, were largely based on the "special treatment" the '99 Limited had, and you'l see that the newer GT's have the larger rear scoops, hood scoops, and a number of other things, that are first seen on the '99 limited. So, honestly, I guess these are my reasons, but they're personal. They have no real value I guess, to most people, and in the auto market. Honestly. The only cars people really talk about are, well, especially the '00 Cobra R, the '03/'04 Cobra, and of course, one of my favorites as well, the Mach1's. N/A, fast, I just, love them. Test drove an 03 cobra, test drove a mach1 also. Obviously, the cobra freakin blew me away, now this was way back when the car first came out. I couldn't freakin believe that ford made a mustang that fast, I was so impressed, especially after the 1996-1998 Era, which depressed the hell out of me, horrible... So, yeah. But, my favorite mustang, performance wise, is the Mach1. Because, I just personally prefer N/A, and, it makes good numbers, and drives great! Love our era Mach1. Cobra is much better, faster, but, the Mach1 is special too, very much so. The main guy from Car&Driver, basically said "Um, it's really not anything I would want, good for drag racing, fun to drive, that's all", so, now I really have no respect for them. To be so...opinionated, and be responsible for rating cars, how dare he say such a thing about a car that is priced very fairly, and, outperforms every competitor, in it's price range. Matter of fact, many cars don't even come close. Ehh, it upset me, guy's just irresponsible IMO. But, enough of that. I could find a link to the video probably, if anyone wants to see the guy say what he said....uhg...
    I love my car, but I know where it stands, it is not near the top of the list, but I guess it makes the list, ya know?

    I'm just happy, and, appreciate everything I have, and I try hard not to be a materialistic person, but it happens. However, every dime I put into my mustang is maintenance, for the most part. Other than exhaust, and some minor stuff, to get it to breath good etc etc. Head port/polish/cams...about it.

    I think someone else must be to blame for "always" talkin' bad about the 40th, I've only ever made the one comment I made in this thread.

    Anyways if I offended you I really didn't intend to, it's hard to show sarcasm with just text, and, I don't make much use of the smileys.

    Enjoy your car, I'll enjoy mine, lataz.

    sux, my rear/axles need replacement now :(
  18. usaproudgurl here's some info for you:

    >>if its a 40th spec. editition is it automatically a GT?

    No they made 40th 6 cyclinder also

    >>are there 4529 spec. editions or 4520 crimson spec. edit?

    The 4529 is the number of Crimson 40th made, GT and 6 Cylinder


    The Gt is rated at 265 HP but is not what is at the wheels. It will be different for Auto and Manual. I have an automatic and had it dyno'ed when it was stock with about 19000 miles on it and came out at 219.

    >>someone told me there is no point to mods if ur car is an automatic...is that true?? i think the first think im going to do to my car is cold air intake...i dont really know though..im kinda lost! where to start?? any ideas guys??

    If it gives you more power it's worth it. The CAI was the first thing I put on mine and I could tell a slight difference. I just put Magnaflow Cat Back on. That was mainly for the sound but it did seem to up the HP. I plan to have it Dyno'ed after the new year, when I do I'll put the numbers up for comparison.

    Hope this helps.
  19. Another Newbie!

    Im new to the site as well!!! I have an Oxford White GT. Auto. 40th Anniv. Package, located just outside of chicago... Des Plaines Illinois!!!