500+ rwhp + stock block = this

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  1. You can be E-kicked in the junk ya know... Juss Sayin'. :zombie:
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  2. for that one, i would say YES
  3. :urmom:
  4. flower potted it

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  6. I've seen my share of broken stock blocks.
    It's really all about how you drive it.
    Me personally, i build something to have fun with it.
    Some guys actually build 500hp foxes and drive them like old ladies. Those are the ones that last. Although i see no point in building it in the first place.

    High rpm will kill them too, not to the splitting point always, but enough to put the internals and clearances out of wack. That's why all the guys that claim it can be done on street car come here with their delusions of grandeur and never return to tell us how they made out.

    Bottom line, pushing a stock block too far is expensive and you should always have a back up plan in the works.
  7. the back up plan???

  8. ooooh gime! i wish i went that way probably would have used the nos thats all setup ready to go ever since my stroker went in just short of a tune, rick thats funny you built my 331 afr 185 headed motor 6 years ago! shes still running great makes me not wanna get that nos tune
  9. she's a rare piece!
  10. Was thinking about ordering a 347 stroker kit to stuff in my stock block, think I will spend the extra cash and get a short block, someday.
  11. good plan!

  12. Which block is this (forgive my ignorance):hail:
  13. RDI... Which ford racing bought the mold for and was an x351 block
  14. Looks sweet......let us know when ya get her going..
  15. haha its the block out of the X275 car.. it should be back together this weekend.
  16. I've been around here long enough to see this story repeated many times. The very thing that makes the 5.0 block so lightweight is the thing that causes it to split. If you have serious aspirations (pardon the pun) buy a aftermarket block with 4 bolt mains and some meat in the webbing that supports the crankshaft.
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  17. I made a block like that a couple years ago was around 410 hp and 485 tq and was still running when i pulled it but i knew something was wrong with it. Now has a Dart SHP all forged guts.
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  18. I am trying to use a new browser so sorry if this is messed up.

    What are threaded freeze plugs supposed to do? Regular ones pop out before the iron breaks in freezing weather. Threads would be less likely to leak, but less likely to do the job. What is the deal?
  19. I'm not sure the benifit of running thread in plugs, but here in Florida a lot of people don't run antifreeze cause well it's Florida. The past few years we've had some below freezing weather. Being an ex tow truck driver I've seen a lot of blocks busted from freezing. One thing they all had in common is they still had their freezeplugs. A freeze plug hole is actually just a casting hole from when the block was manufactured. I'm pretty sure that's their only reason for being there. The most common motor you see busted from freezeing here is in boats. Most common is inboard with small blocks.