600 hp 3.8l mustang

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  1. Really impressive shine... I'm suprised you got so much juice out of a 6. What did you do to get it up from 448 HP ? Oh, and was that with the 4.2l F150 block? I seen one around here for sale with the 4.2 block, stock ported upper/lower intake and (Lincoln heads... dont know if those are any good or not). guy is seelling it for $3200.
  2. well first off no its still a 3.8L, used a 98 block forged pistons and rods, stock crank. i upped the boost to 20psi, added a sheet metal upper and am now running a methanol injection kit. No mixing, 100% meth. Upped the timing to 21* or so, the meth and timing advance netted me 100hp at the wheels.
    I kno the lincolns had the 3.9l v6, im really not familiar with the head design tho.
  3. What all you gotta do to get methanol into a 6? 100 HP from the meth? Could stock heads take that? I'd be afraid of the head gaskets blowing out. Then again, you probably are not using stock heads with boost like that. Nice setup anyhow.
  4. well you are gonna flip when you hear this then, stock ported aluminum heads, mls headgaskets and stock style headbolts. Right now no one makes aftermarket heads for the v6 mustang.
    The kit is setup just like anyother meth injection kit. This one runs off the maf, once 2.5 volts is read then it the progressive controller starts spraying.
  5. what turbo unit are you using?
  6. Pt-61 w .81 exhaust housing, not sure of comp a/r, or exhaust wheel size
  7. cool, hopefully I'll be picking up a turbo kit tonite or tomorrow, everything but the turbo itself, so Im kinda turbo shopping right now, probably get about a PT-70
  8. Im sorry im totally unfamiliar w your car?