Progress Thread 69 Sheet Metal Repair

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  1. You going straight Calypso or are you going to add the black out hood?

    I am glad someone is getting one painted ,still shooting for September for my 69.
  2. I am going to black out the hood and the rockers below the Crome trim.
  3. Making progress. No big surprises.

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  4. Bare metal already :eek: He is moving fast .
  5. Yes it's a very interesting situation. He currently has only one other project, a 1959 Bug that he has totally rebuilt and currently is in primer. He has been a body man all his life and was telling me how he had used lead before fiberglass filler. The lower 5 inches of my left quarter has some rust through, I asked if wanted me to order a repair panel for him to weld in. He said no that he would make his own out of a discarded hood. Now that's a body man.
  6. I tried doing lead ,i can do it on a panel laying flat but not up right .I get the metal to hot and the lead just runs off. there is a real art to it .

    I do a lot of street rod work and some times you have to make your own patches . For a long time there was no patch panels for 1935 ford pick ups ,My favorite street rod, so i started making my own panels for the back and bottom of the cabs . I had a special die made for a bead roller that made the bead for the bottom of the cab ,it's available now but i still like to make my own. I have had to split two fenders down the middle and make one good one out of two by butt welding them together .
    This is my 35 ,i had to make the bottom of the cab about 3 inches up with the bead ,it was all butt welded and no bondo but the metal is so thick on these things it is a lot easier to work with with out warping .

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  7. There is no doubt that if I was closer to you my mustang would be in my shop
  8. Slow but sure.

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  9. That's what counts ,slow and steady is better than nothing getting done .Once he has the body work done it should speed up.
  10. Decided against a blacked out hood and reversed the stencil to get some black stripes on the hood. The car is in the process of being color sanded an buffed. Just some small parts to paint. I hope to have it back in a couple of weeks. image.jpg image.jpg
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  11. Scoop will be black
  12. Very nice!
  13. Car came back from paint today and looks great! I upgraded my Ipad to 8.0 and now I can't upload photos. Maybe later.
  14. AHH ,We simply must have pics :(

    I was made a very Sweet offer on my convert today ,and i accepted
    it.:nice: The first thing that will happen with the cash is to finish my 69 WooHoo !! :banana:
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  15. I was just looking at my 69 and remembered the window lip the windshield glues to needs to be painted black. The glue ribbon that glues the windshield in does not cover the entire lip and a small orange line will show through the edge of the windshield if you do not .
  16. If I replaced every piece of trim on my 69 that was not perfect with a reproduction part. I could also rivet a made in China tag on the drivers door.
  17. I am starting on the interior install. Dash has been painted and the sound proofing has been installed.
    I have a question regarding the soundproofing. The floors are complete. I am slightly short for the doors and roof. I seem to remember a fellow mustanger using something for soundproofing that he bought at a big box store. But I can't find the thread. Anyone have any ideas. I don't really want to by a whole box. image.jpg