Progress Thread 69 Sheet Metal Repair

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  1. image.jpg image.jpg The right side is complete, firewall, rocker extension, torque box and toe board all installed and welded. Now for the left side, torque box ,floor pan and toe board.
    While cutting out the floor pan I noticed that tha rear torque box, upper, was rusted through. NPD has the part I was wondering how hard this is to replace compared to the front.
  2. NO NO NO! don't spend $30 dollars on the top plate .I have at least 10 for each side .Every time i do a floor kit it comes with those top plates and i never have to use them. PM me an address and i will send you one, they are simple to replace .
  3. I PMd I think. And thanks a million.
  4. You posted it on my profile page .I have the address so you can delete it .
    I will send it today US Postal . The rear top plate is much easier to replace than the front . Jim
  5. I boxed it up and went to the post office ,closed it's a holiday :doh:.
    i will send it off first thing tomorrow.
  6. Thanks a lot. I will have to figure out how to PM
  7. I have seen in several posts by several mustangers that have replaced the forward torque box upper only. My driver side lower is in good shape and I was considering replacing the upper only. Is it possible to get the upper portion below the flange on the frame with the bottom installed? I have seen some installed above the flange but don't believe this is correct. At least not on my 69.
  8. Yes you can replace just the top if the toe board is cut away. The top rusts between the plate and the floor pan so the bottom is usually good, but not always.
  9. When replacing the right side torque box the top half was welded below the flange on the inner frame rail. It was rewelded in the same position. When removing the left side torque box the top half appears to,have been welded on top,of the flange both right and left are original to the car. I have seen other posts that seem to be installed as above. Is this correct or does it really make any difference?
  10. It shouldn't make a difference as long as it doesn't interfere with anything . it seems that they just did it the way they wanted to at Ford when they built them
  11. Is there any time in anyone's world where it is acceptable to remove a small area of rust and repair with fiberglass. Especially where area has to be contoured and is not structural?
  12. I would argue against it . It just doesn't work well. What piece is the problem?
    I would try to find something that has the same shape and cut the needed piece out .
  13. I thought so and agree, it is the inner cowel panel on the drivers side, the cowel is paper thin to start with, through in a little rust and there is not much left to work with. I will cut out the rust and scab weld on a patch. It will not be seen. I will post pictures tomorrow.
  14. The right side is complete with the exception of seam sealing the under side. I replaced the torque box, firewall extension, rocker panel extension, floor pan, toe board, and patched the inner cowl.
    The left side has all the rusted sheet metal removed and remaining straightened for the new metal install. I was concerned about patching the inner cowl panel but I removed the rusted piece and will use it for a pattern, cut a patch and weld it in. image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
  15. Is that car white or spring time yellow? My most favorite 69 i had was spring time yellow Mach 1. That was one fun car !
  16. Wimbledon white origanally. Thinking of going to Calapso coral. I like the color on a chip but have never seen it on a car. So I am still undecided.
  17. I have seen Calypso coral on a 69 boss 302 ,one of fords prettiest colors.
  18. orangemach.jpg
    Here is a 70 I helped restore a long time ago. This car was originally Calypso Corral. Incredible color. I hope this helps you decide...!
  19. That is awesome. I love the color and in addition I haven't seen any of them in my area.
  20. Left side torque box is in and I am starting on the toe board. It isn't even close to fitting as is.