88 Mustang GT TTOPS - 347 CHP w/ 2.2 Kenne Bell-90% completed project- time to sell

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  1. 88 Mustang GT TTOPS - 347 CHP w/ 2.2 Kenne Bell-90% completed project-SOLD

    Available for sale is my 88 Mustang GT with T-TOPS (estimated 500 made +/-)
    LOADED with mods:
    347 CHP stroker-AFR heads..studded. forged internals, custom cam,ford racing 1.6 rockers, canton pan
    kenne bell 2.2 blower with flowzilla elbow -all polished 14psi pulley-
    (5k miles on both)
    90mm Accufab polished TB
    Anderson Power Pipe
    Polished/smoothed valve covers
    Custom fuel rails
    Snow methanol injection
    Aeromotive sumped tank + standalone system/braided lines/fuel pump controller
    Siemens 60# injectors
    SCT base tune chip on A9L ECM
    SCT big mouth MAF
    Fluidyne 3 core alum radiator w/ flex-a-lite fan
    5-Speed rebuilt trans
    Ford Racing king cobra clutch-
    bbk adjustable cable
    bbk headers,bbk hpipe,mac cat back

    Maximum Motorsports 6 pt cage
    Kenny Brown subframes- welded
    GMS 4 link rear susp
    3.73 rear end disc- Yukon hardened axles

    fresh paint job- extensive-very straight panels - black with blue pearl metallic flake- any panels with any surface rust were replaced with premium original panels - smoothed/shaved engine bay
    Paint job alone was $5000

    5 Lug conversion-UPR tubular front end/coilovers KYB adjustables front and rear
    2004 cobra chrome wheels- Nitto 245 front, 255 Drag Radials rear
    Cobra brake kit - front and rear
    Cervinis Cobra rear bumper
    Cervinis saleen rockers
    Cervinis Stalker front end

    This has been my project for several years, I have had a few engine combos already (powerdyne and vortech blowers) and has had been off the road these past few years working on this final setup. I have since bought a house and still have not gotten a chance to complete the car.

    If I had the free time, I would estimate it would take a few weeks of wrenching after work to get it to the point of running/driving. Will need to have the SCT tune tweaked by a tuner to get optimum performance.

    I have all of the parts to complete, just no time. Remaining projects include: installing radiator, wiring fan, running braided fuel lines (pre made), installing master cylinder,bleeding brakes, running cooling lines,finish wiring gauges , dial in suspension/alignment.

    It kills me to come to the realization its time to sell, but life happens and Id much rather have someone enjoy this rather it sit in the garage.

    I have most reciepts including the CHP motor which was $6500 when new. If I completed the work myself, I would see no problem getting well over $10,000 for this beast.
    That is why Im looking for best reasonable offer under $10,000 - serious interest only, I dont need to sell it , but I will for the right price. Cash talks.
  2. I will be placing on ebay-stay tuned
  3. Very nice car. I can't believe it's taking this long to sell it.
  4. is this car still for sale?
  5. Still for sale- selling a non-complete car is proving to be quite the challenge.
  6. that is an amazing looking car man. wow. if had the cash i would deffinitely pick this up in a heart beat. great lookin car. GLWS
  7. Is the car still for sale? Are you interested in any trades?
  8. depends on what the trade is...but...yes I would consider trades as long as it equals value or supplemented with cash
  9. I actually own the same exact car as yours. My car has only few mods. It is listed on this site under black 88 gt with ttops. Your car is where i would like mine someday, but time will never allow me to get there. Let me know your thoughts.
  10. I tried to email you some more pictures, but the email got kicked back. Do you have another?
  11. email went through- its a glitch with my cell phone that sends the error message- I sent you a response your car + 5k makes the deal worth while. Let me know thanks
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