Progress Thread 92 Gt 5.0 Hatch

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    This is my Fox stang! 1992 with 147k on the chasis. New Ford Racing 340hp 306cu motor with about 4k miles on it.

    340Hp (306ci)Ford crate motor: Specs
    E303 roller cam 498in lift
    ford racing 1.6 roller rockers
    50oz balancer
    double roller timing chain
    Forged steel rods
    Mahle forged pistons 4.030”
    Dual sump oil pan
    GT-40 ford racing aluminum x turbo-swirl cylinder heads 64cc
    4-bolt crankshaft damper M-6316-M50
    Rotella T5 oil
    BBK CAI (installed at 47k)

    Fr500 18” wheels 245/40/18 fronts and 285/40/18 rears
    5 lug conversion
    T-5 swap
    Cobra Terminator seats
    jvc head unit
    billet interior door handles
    billet buttons on doors
    billet a/c knobs
    billet blinker knob
    silicon radiator hoses
    full aluminum radiator
    Kyb white shocks
    smog delete 84.5” belt new at 147k
    Tri-Ax S Shifter installed at 147k (replaced original Hurst short shifter)
    LED cluster bulbs
    LED license plate bulbs
    Ultra clear headlights

    Parts waiting to be installed
    Aluminum Rear Diff
    Redline 75-90W Diff fluid
    BBK X-pipe
    PMAS 80mm MAF
    Ford Racing (mach 1) 24lbs injectors

    sorry i dont have pics of all the updates.


    Look at the car

  2. Sharp looking car! I like the blue a lot. What are your plans with the car?
  3. well i have those few more mods to put on for a little extra power. Eventually i will turbo charge it but i'm just enjoying it for now. i'm leaving the military soon and goin to Hennessy Performance tunning school.

    it also has 3.73 gears