98 Cobra or 03 Cobra,....not really a decision BUT....

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  1. I test drove an '03 Cobra once, and hated it.

    Said no one....ever.
  2. Get the cobra...
  3. What makes you think it was merely a recommendation? ;)
  4. well today's the day for me to be the first.

    Which Cobra?:shrug:

    Pipe down.....I'll make a linky dude tonight.
  5. ^^ I like the new sig... Yellow '03 for the loser, 98' basket case for the winner!
  6. once you hear the blower whine... you wont even think about the 98 again
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  7. :nice:
  8. I check the internet today and I have some cartoon character from North Korea acting up, some girl getting suspended for not bathing (24 times), Jay Leno out of work, some kind of canary flu in China and some communist demolishing the boyhood home of Reagan......now this? No talk of a 2.3 terror? No old Fox sheet metal? Now I am really worried about the world.

    Yah, I'd go with the 03 and tell the better-half that it is not "really" going to be a project.
  9. Power production aside, I would still go with the '03. I like the styling better, and my first born was born in '03.
  10. I drove it today and had it inspected. The only thing that car needs is a windshield, and a oil filter housing gasket. Other than that, it sounds great, the interior is very good, all accessories work, and the thing runs like a sexually assaulted large primate.
    I bought it. It ended up costing 11711.00 taxes and fees included.

    Remember when I said that the people over at SVT performance were all entitled dickhead scumbags after they dogged my last car at Mustang Week?

    I wonder if I'll become one of those guys? Maybe I'm already there?;)
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  11. I can already hear the exasperation in your tone as you listen to us menial GT owners gawk about our 500+ HP Fox bodies. :nonono:

    Oh the loathing... :doh:
  12. I heard it this morning for the first time behind the wheel. I had to ask the boss what it was .........."Blower whine bonehead"
    It's not really gonna be a project,.....really at most it'll get spiffed, a new audio system, and maybe converted over to E-85,..but that is all.
  13. Silence knave,.... I have paid my dues, now it's time to pay yours.

    Does this mean I have to hang out w/ the rest of the COBRA pukes on the other forum?
  14. I'll be the first...

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  15. the car is dirty, the headlights are fogged and there is a round chunk in the windshield like it had a baseball hit it,...so there'll be no pics yet. The title is tying the thing up for the next several days as it has to be released from the previous owners bank before I can take possesion. All I have now is a buyers order guaranteeing the sale.
  16. Yes... and the disdain must be readily perceptible in all your posts from here on out.
  17. Do we have to call you Sir now, Mr. Cobra owner? :stick:.. well at least you didn't get a Roush.. then you could never get hemorrhoids again. Roush owners are all perfect A holes.. LOL
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  18. So true, this chick used to come to the bar I bounce at, we would exchanged Mustang stories and whatnot but she always had to end the convo that her Mustang was better because it was a Roush.
  19. LOL... That's rich. It's a cosmetic package with the exception of the stage 3. Even the 3 is a blower and tune tossed on top of stock GT internals. :nono:
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  20. Damn....just when we thought we had Kilgore under control, we're gonna have another one to deal with! :bang:
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