a new young member part of stangnet / do you see what I see?

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  1. padawha??? :shrug:
  2. Do to the recent proliferation of forged sarcasm permits, a re-issue has been established. Please remit payments directly to my PayPal account as invoices will no longer be issued. Those holding authentic Sarcasm Permits will be re-issued a new one at no additional cost for the duration of your previous permit. Be advised that if you fell victim to recent rash of erroneous permit proliferation that your fraudulent permit will not be re-issued without proper payment to afore mentioned account. Be also advised that no amount of:
    Taking mine or the Lord's name in vain
    will NOT get you a new permit issued without said fees paid in full. However, if you choose to engage in any of the listed activities because it makes you feel better, then proceed as you see fit. Just know that there's no discount associated with these activities.

    Special consideration concerning discounts will be taken on a case my case basis. If you're a hot chick, have a hot chick at your disposal, or look REALLY good in a dress then a discount may apply. So far DMA302 is the only male member who's qualified for these discounts. :nice:

    We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience and cooperation in this matter.

    The Management

    BS is my Kung-Foo... and it is good.
  3. *looks behind couch for a dollar*
  4. omgomgomgwtfbbqbigostfuloldie.

    Edit: welcome to the boards li'l notch....i almost forgot what this thread was really about
  5. $1 to be sarcastic; that sucks
  6. yeah autotrader was where i found my notch
  7. Autotrader is a great place to shop for cars.

    Do I really need to apply for a sarcasm permit to make wise cracks now? You guy's are getting pretty strict about the talk section....

    :nice: keep up the good work
  8. Stroth... I still have your payment information on my paypal account. You're good to go. Your replacement permit will issue within the next 4 to 6 weeks.
  9. Thank god I look good in a dress or I'd be out some serious cash :)
  10. yeah every body trips out because im only 16 but i know how to drive like a champ not only that i have a good taste for cars for example 88notch
  11. This thread has been officialy DERAILED by the masterbaters.... er um..... masterderailers.

    I OWN page 3 !
  12. since its already derailed, strype whats the thing under your name? i just got back from texas so ive been gone a while
  13. I have no idea but I want one too...Oh wait I do know..but it's classified.
  14. and now Shawn AND I will own page three.
  15. Hmmm... and here I thought I owned it. :jester:
  16. I own the top of the page foos!
  17. got dibs on the middle...mmm dibbs..I love chocolate dibbs and dots.
  18. Little in da middle but she got much back.
  19. :shrug:
  20. It looks like bird poop that dried up in the shape of a pirate skull... But I can imagine what it designates.