a new young member part of stangnet / do you see what I see?

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  1. It is there on my screen. and on others. do you see it in the pic I posted?
  2. What is there? what in the name of GAWD are you talking about? Is it the dog picture...yes there is a dog..it's a dog..a dog, I have a dog picture of my dog...why is a dog picture of my dog so hard for you to accept as a dog picture?
  3. no , hang on.
  4. RIGHT HERE!!!!!! It is a smilie face over two crossed rods with pistons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  5. It's a dog bro..Yup he's a lab sheppard mix...he bites male adults but other than that I like em.
  6. do you not see what i circled ??????
  7. empty space and my dog...dat's all I see, anyone else see anything?
  8. Here's what I see...

    My mom says thanks for the
    pearl necklace.


    Am I missing something???
  9. even in the pic i posted?? Am I goin insane??!?!?! I se what is in the pic I posted!!!!!!!!
  10. Ok let me say this one more itme.
    I see

    this weird thing that is black with white markings
    my mom says thanks for the pearl necklace.

    then th pic of his dog
  11. Here's yours...correct?

    Cookies should never be


    What is the difference?
  12. Pretty much what I see too, exactly how are you seeing this, do you have a pop up blocker screwing something up?aaron...I agree with what your seeing...somethings not right.
  13. OK - as long as I am seeing what you are seeing...good!
  14. yes that is mine. now when I look at dmans it has a black square with white markings under the CT. how did you copy that. i'll do that foir his. in the pic i posted up there can you see what iam talking about??
  15. wait... I am not retarded. I see it on strypes too. just dman and strype. someone else saw it too.
  16. No - all I see is what I posted.

    I just copied and pasted everything into a new "quick reply".

    I don't see any squares under his CT.
  17. TIM, TIM I need you... What is going on??? I see it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. ok my attachment is what i see under dmans and strypes names.

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  19. see he saw it too.
  20. *sits in StangNet Oval Office, about to fall out of chair with laughter*
    *opens a beer*

    Now this is entertainment.