a new young member part of stangnet / do you see what I see?

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  1. Lil notch, i am 16 too and I have learned ALOT on this website. Once you weed through all of the wierd ppl on here(including me lol) its a really good site. Oh and careful you don't step in the bull $hit , theres alot on this site lol.
  2. I don't know what it is...but I'm sure it's a symbol of some significance :)...
  3. I still don't know what you people are talking about:shrug:
  4. are you serious?
  5. Am I serious? :shrug:
  6. this is under your name

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  7. I don't see anything
  8. really? its there!
  9. Sneaky, very sneaky indeed timmeh
  10. I need to go get my glasses... I don't see anything either. So how bout that weather :)
  11. I think he's talking about the dog.
  12. :shrug:

    What are you talking about???


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  13. i think derailed doesn't even come close to describing this thread...haha

    Welcome lil notch, i am pretty sure at 16 you are far more mature than most of these clowns. :D

  14. PS: We need pics of said notch

  15. lil notch ive seen you drive you drive like a chump not a champ..jk
  16. Yes the dog!!..I see the dog..very cool dog.

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  17. Oh that is adorable... I just love that shade of black on you :)

    So what's he seeing in mine... Yin? Yang? Idontgetit
  18. I think he's crazy, yup crazy.
  19. crazy indeed. Yep CrAzY! < ^ v >
  20. no2.jpg

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