Air Filter on 302 TURBO

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  1. Hi There Guys !

    I have a classic 302 with Turbo.
    My problem: I dont have enough space under the hood for a regular air filter (example: Edelbrock chromed version)
    I want a system with a cover over the carburator and go forward were its space for some cylinder looks K&N Filters or something. Got an idea on what i can use ? Pics ?

    Maybe, just maybe that this filter will fit:

    Anyone who got this air cleaner ? I wonder how tall it is

    I posted this on the classic talk first, sorry bout that
  2. maybe some pics of what it looks like under your hood now would help? i dont exactly understand what you're looking for. being as how you have a turbo setup, you might have to custom fit something to it.
  3. Im a little confused about your setup also
  4. Herè is a picture of the setup. It has a huge "spacer" witch is for the 302 setup. And because of the "spacer" the carb is going to be so close to the hood and that means no space for a stock edelbrock (and more) air filter. The engine is now in another car.

    Hope this helps you understand the system


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  5. ok, now i sort of see what it looks like. i've never seen a turbo engine with a suck-through carb'd setup like that. with the extreme extra height that the carb is on, i dont really know what you could do for an air filter. is a cowl hood an option? it looks like even a drop-base filter would have trouble clearing the turbo itself. maybe you could have a sheet-metal shop custom fabricate something for you? :shrug: i cant think of any off the shelf filter that would fit. looks like a fun project, and good luck.
  6. drop base offset air filter?
  7. How the hell could that even work? Would a "suck-though" system even work? I'd think you'd run into problems when your fuel comes in contact with your hot turbo. Normally, you have to pressurize the intake charge THEN run it through the carb. That "spacer" should be mounted above the carb pointing down, not between the carb and the intake manifold.
  8. suck through setups, while not as common as blow through, work just as well (all carb'd roots blowers run suck through). i believe a lot of diesel turbos run a suck-through configuration. i've also seen similar suck-through setups on V8's, but only on twins. they look kinda funny, with a carb sitting above each exhaust manifold on top of the turbo inlet.

  9. Yeah your right, but Roots blowers don't get nearly as hot as a turbo. But I'll take your word on it.. you obviously have a working example.

    I know they make a "hat" type of cap for carb'd centrifical supercharger setups. Would that fit? Otherwise, maybe a good drop base filter design.
  10. Cowl hood not an option.. its a 71 NACA hood :)
    I was also thinking of a sheet-metal shop, was kinda thinking of some Rad Rides by Troy look :) on the air filter
  11. maybe you could modify a drop base filter? like sort of cut it in half and seal up the back...i think a sheet metal shop will be your best bet though.

  12. If you are only using that style because of clearance, you dont have to. I have a RPM manifold with a 1" spacer- I use a standard drop base air filter and it clears with plenty of room.
  13. Can you check how tall it it is? :nice:
  14. Okay, I'll ask the stupid question.

    What keeps the pressure built by the turbo from blowing backwards thru the carb?

    I'd say dump the space and make it a blow thru application. Get either a mount that goes on top of the carb, or the box that you set your carb in. Keep in mind that the box type requires different floats in the carb as the whole carb will be pressurized (or so I'm told, but I've heard turbo carbs need some modification. I'd suggest the box type.

    Here's a pic of a twin blow thru application:

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  15. 1320 - the carb itself is not pressurized by the turbo in a suck-through application. the carb is on the inlet side of the turbo, and the entire air-fuel mixture gets pressurized by the compressor wheel. the exit side of the turbo goes directly into the intake manifold.

    i dont know, but i would imagine a suck-through application would be easier to tune correctly, as the air-fuel mixture is pressurized as a mixture, therefore the air fuel ratio stays the same throughout the boost curve. :shrug: anyone an expert on turbo setups?
  16. Here`s another picture of the setup. I personly don`t know much about turbos neigher, but it works good in the car that it sits in now :nice: Nice sound of the engine to ! Im going to fix it up to show looks with polished aluminium details. Going to put it in the BIG project


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  18. After looking at the second picture, it looks a little clearer, there must indeed be a divider in that plenum.

    It looks like maybe a bonnet like the one in my posted pic would work with a tube and a late medel styled cone K&N.