All Ford Nationals in Carlisle, PA coming soon!

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  1. Surprised this aint a STICKY yet!
  2. Face it, other than the 20 of us going...nobody cares:shrug:
  3. shoot if...


    ....why not this?
  4. Because we are the outcasts of 5.0talk...

    :D j/k. No worries, those of us going know when, where, and are excited for it.
  5. haha. I agree!!! Now I'm in search of another fox before carlisle. I sold my 91 last week. Trying to find a clean, unmolested fox is harder than I thought. :shrug:

  6. True, the nice ones are few and far between and them fetch a pretty penny when you find them.
  7. 4 weeks away bump.
  8. Damn 4 weeks...

    Alright guys heres the deal. Me and my friend are still in, but with the job I'm starting this Monday I won't be able to take that Friday off. We will have to leave CT sometime after dinner, get us into PA later Friday night. Not sure if he is gonna drive his car (88 LX with HCI and a T-trim) but either way we will be there.
  9. hey guys i heard alot bout carlisle and i have never been im wondering if i can hop in and cruise down with some of you guys and you can show me the ropes. -Doug
  10. Too bad you can't get the day off, but at least you'll be able to meet up with us that're not missing much though.

    By all means, where about do you think you would meet up with us.
  11. 4 Weeks!! :eek: I gotta hurry up. My car is still in pieces.
  12. Yeah don't want to push my luck with a fresh new job. Not to mention I will be begging to get the week off in July for Mustang Week...
  13. yeah, I hear ya:bs:
  14. is there a list of who is all and some members of east coast cobras are heading up staying at the best western.
  15. Im in rockland county ny, right next to westchester and the tappan zee bridge. id love to meet up and drive with some people to my first ford nationals. let me know where i can meet up and hop in the cruise there.
  16. You can scroll though the pages and see who is going, mind you we do not all stay at the same place.

    We will be heading down I-81 through Scranton, should be passing through Scranton around 11am friday morning or so.
  17. I am coming back to this extremely late. What's up with the t-shirts? ANd what sizes are available?
  18. Basicly...I didn't get my stuff together in time and we are out of time. Sorry fellas, I have been swamped with crap lately.:notnice:
  19. Time to resort to the Fuit of the Loom and a Sharpie.:D