Am I the only asian dude around here with a mustang?

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  1. Yea, I tihnk everyone here is not asian and hates asian cars. It's all good tho, Since ther is no asian mustang forum i'll stay in this once since everyone seems friendly and knowledgable. Hard to find forum full of ppl in my age category tho (18).

    Hi everyone, i joined this place like 3 days ago. I'm working on some modest improvements to my car right now, and hope maybe in a couple years, I get it the way i want.

    2000 Mustang v6 5speed.
    2 12" 120.3 Infinity KAPPA on the way with Rockford 500bd amp
    17inch rims 245/45/17 tires
    JBL fronts and rears hooked to a Sony 500w amp
    hoping to get 3.73 gears and T-lok soon.

    I like all kinds of cars except for european cars because they're weird. I chose to buy a mustang because it was the most hp/torque I could cram into my budget. I needed a RWD vehicle too because FWD is too boring. Any asian ppl in the house? anyone my age category? holla?
  2. Whats up man. That makes two of us now. :nice: What nationality are you?
  3. I think there are VERY few people hear that hate asian cars. They simply hate "ricing" asian cars.
  4. I'm half Filipino.
    I can't stand Asian kids that are ricers. It just pisses me off that they just give in to the stereotype. Like all those idiots who were extras in TF&TF.
  5. Hey aznzebra, as u can tell by my name, i'm filipino and same age group. Got my stang last year over the summer (almost got a celica but avoided that mistake..). I realized how much more power i can get within a more economical budget in a mustang than in an import. Yea but as for my car, i'm workin on airflow right now and trying to get rims.

    JDMsTangR...haha nice name nice to see in ur signature that u got a true blue...same with me. all about the blue :nice:

    nice to know that there are some asians who respect the domestic scene instead of the typical import scene. o yea..have any of you guys taken heat for being an asian with a domestic? i have but i defend domestics and especially Stangs to the fullest..
  6. wow, coool
    im vietnamese.
    I guese it all depends on what you define the term "rice"
    I personally think some of it looks pretty good if done tastefully. but some **** is stupid, especially where I live. We got ***boys putting those alum wings on their civics thinking the downforce actually helps LOL. we also have the bunch that have those really corny chrome housing altezza style tail lights and think their car is hot.

    My definition of rice is pretty much anything that is from japan and goes pretty quick. Rice is then split into two categories, the lame rice and the good rice. Lame being what I just described above. Good rice are those 300zx and Supra, RSX, Prelude, Nicely done up civics. **** like that I really like looking at. But I gues there will always be that bunch that just dont get it and continue to cover their car up with nos stickers and crap like that.

    Then there is perhaps the most ***boy group of them all, there are the domestic guys trying to be rice. We got alot of that **** too, cavis and sunfires all painted and kitted up with coffey can exhaust revving me up at the light. I do not race those ppl, partyle because im scared to death of getting a ticket and getting caught.

    I love american cars too. I love the way mustangs look and perform. I did alot of research and there is no other vehicle that looked as good and had as much power and RWD for under 15grand canadian. I also love GM F-bodies (trans-ams my favorite).

    Anyways, I'm done writing this novel, just wanted to say hi to everyone again hehe. Please feel free to express your opinions on what you think about rice.
  8. im 20 and im chinese... i've got friends azn and american, azn people be like y are u driving that "mustang" but i just tell them its faster than urs!! muhahaha

    anyways good to know im not the only azn who like stangs!!
  9. just an observation here....
    what's with the whole "azn" thing??? every time you guys write that i think you're talking about arizona or something.:doh: :D

    anyway, welcome to the board... i'm "wyt".:p
  10. its just a lazy inacurrate abbreviation for the word "asian". its more slang really, no idea wher it cmae from.
    Do you guys know what would be a good race against our 99+ v6?
    a non-tubo 1990+ 300zx, those cars are badass, the non-turbo ones have similar stats to our cars, but we have a powerband that comes alot earlier in the rpm spectrum beecause of our oldskool OHV. I just thought of that, i wonder if we would be able to take one.
  11. wow.. lol i am asain too
  12. I'm not asian but I read this and thought I'd post.. In my family we have a 2001 V6 Stang and a 91 300ZX non turbo. 300zx is 29 more horsepower then the 99+ stangs though ;)
  13. yea, i think the 300 would win. anyways, im jealous because u have both cars hehe. i drove 300 before and it was a blast, but i still love my mustang too hehe. plus, i bet they're DOHC and a little lighter too.
  14. My boy is Korean...has a 95 GT vert :flag:
  15. well welcome to the board.. and i would also be asian.. well half.

    half japanese, then irish, scotish, english, german..

    ricey civics.. = snack
  16. Indian here

    hey guys, indian here, and i have a 99 V6. Used to have a 91 300zx n/a, and yes the Z does have DOHC, and yes it would beat it. They are a lot faster than V6 mustangs. Will have pics of my car pretty soon. i have done a lot of work to it (show).
  17. hey fellas i know i'm not "azn" as u say, but my friend has an 00v6 and that thing's a rocket compared to my 65 I6 oh man my car is very very slow, but i remember once i beat this old toyota truck :banana:
  18. If you haven't visited , check it out. :nice: I'm McPaul66 over there BTW. Those guys know a lot about messing with the I6. One guy just reported that he beat a new Neon SRT with his built 200.
    I'm also working with Mustang and Fords on building a HiPo 200. I listed all the stuff we're doing in this thread:
    Also chime in there and let the classic guys know what you got planned.

    I also beat my friend's '91 Civic with my stock 200. :D
  19. Hey dude, I think it is pretty cool that u are asian. I personally only look at the asian dudes driving ricers,-thats the stopping point. People on this forum don't judge the person, we judge what is most important, the CAR!! No matter what you are dude, cars are what matter.
  20. 99+ V6 stang vs. 90's 300zx Non-Turbo
    Mustang all the way! Unless the ones I raced had terrible drivers. :nice: