Am I the only asian dude around here with a mustang?

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  1. Good to see a fellow Asian driving a Stang..
  2. another Filipino in da haus... Man, we should have some kind of Filipino Mustang club here in SoCal.

  3. Yeah we should..i live in pasadena..not too far from you..when im not in school in reiverside...we gotta get something going out here...
  4. Lots of "ricers" are asian in Hawaii, but then, the population is mostly asian, so it makes sense that there are alot of asian ricers. If you live in some other mostly white/black community, and there are ricers, then it's safe to say that statistically speaking, there will be more white/black ricers than asian.
    Then again, "ricers" there are different from the ricers here. They practically build their car in their garage, much like we do. And even though some have the "bling", they also have the "zing" to go with it.
    They have passion for their cars, even if their taste is somewhat.. tasteless.
  5. i'm fasian....

    and by that i mean white...
  6. OK, I'm from Sacramento and my nickname is "flip" 'cause I'm a Pinoy Boy, so my handle is self-explanatory. Here is my ride:

  7. Sup JDMsTangR...I know that this is a late reply, but i haven't really been active with this forum or any forum for a while since i was trying to finish school. Finally graduated with a BS in Business Administration with a concentration in Computer Information Systems and an emphasis in Internet Programming and Security. Well, now I have time to work on my car once again. As for your question, I don't know if I have seen your friend's corvette around. When you mean the other side of the block, do you mean across the street, or the next street down? Well anyway, if you haven't noticed, I have to get my car fixed still. I need to get my rear bumper painted and also get my new front bumper installed and painted as well. Still trying to save up for new wheels too. But anyway, already said enough. Later.
  8. I'm known for my countless speeches againts forgin cars (Ricers) out here and every where else for that. With that in mind, I just had to pop in here and say I admire a person who dares to be that different and goes against the grain like you have. I think it would take a great deal of guts for a Azn to buy an American HotRod dispite what your follow friends and piers would think. I mean you picked that car because it fit the bill of what you was looking for and could aford, not because of HollyWood says you should drive. Also the sterio-type views that was created by HollyWood also. I take my hat off to you and the rest :nice:

    As for the Yin and yang and don't mix... I thought that was how people got a long was they had equal amounts of evens and opposites in a couple? So when you put them to gether they just click :)
  9. Ok well this would probably fit in better on the second page but i got here a little bit to late i guess. I live near the city of vancouver B.C. or as it has been called "Hongcouver". When i am in the city i would say that about 95% of the riced out cars are driven by white guys. I notice that the majority of asians drive european cars. I see lots of asians in BMW's and and other europene cars. I notice that most ricers are white guys trying to be "gangsters" and they think that they are all hardcore and they walk like one of their legs is shorter than the other and talk with no respect whatsoever. I guess the asians around here have the money to afford the luxury/sporty cars and the are usually pretty stock looking,with exception to lowering and wheels.