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  1. Enough screwing around, it's time to get serious.

    Nightfire's official build thread is here.

    I will update this thread periodically as I receive parts and as work is done.


    Procharger D1SC kit w/ 4-core IC
    42# injectors
    Aviator 270lph pump
    VMP HPX blow-through MAF
    KB BAP
    Diablosport MAFia

    -Manley Street Master forged pistons (9.5:1 CR, standard bore)
    -MMR forged H-beam rods
    -Total seal plasma moly rings
    -Clevite rod and main bearings
    -Kellog forged steel crank

    17x10.5 17x9 anthracite FR500's
    315/35/17 NT555R
    Auto Meter tri-pod A-pillar pod
    Auto Meter boost gauge
    Auto Meter wideband A/F gauge
    Auto Meter fuel pressure gauge

    The shop doing the build will be installing the blower and building the motor at the same time (machining stock block and balancing rotating assembly). Initially I'll be shooting for whatever the max the fuel system can support. The procharger kit I got came with the 42's, BAP, and fuel pump. I'll upgrade the injectors and fuel tank later.

    Well enough chatter, time for pics....

    Polished D1SC with 3.2 pulley

    Mishimoto 4core IC and boost piping

    Hot-side piping (SC to IC)

    Intake side w/ VMP MAF housing

    VMP HPX5000 blow-through slot-style MAF

    Miscellaneous parts:
    -Aviator 270lph fuel bump
    -SC bracket
    -KB BAP
    -triple pod A-pillar gauge pod
    -idlers & 3.6 pulley
    -Diablosport MAFia MAF extender
    -FRPP 42# injectors
    -Autometer boost gauge
    -Autometer wideband A/F gauge

    Anderson Powerpipe assembly

    Manley 18cc forged pistons
    MMR forged H-beam connecting rods
    Total Seal rings

    Other goodies that I've added in the meantime.....

    17x9 17x10.5 anthracite FR500's



    Mounted on some NITTO 555R's




    Procharger Big Red Race valve


    Only thing I'm waiting on are the rod/main bearings (which are in transit).

    The car is going in on Monday! I can't wait to get her back :D

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  2. What size pulley you running?

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  3. I've got a 3.6, 3.4, and a 3.2 pulley.

    Im shooting in the dark here, but with my mods I think that I'd see 8lbs, 10-11lbs, and 13-14lbs respectively with those?
  4. You should just install the blower and motor yourself. So Easy.
  5. Nice stuff...big fan of black intercoolers! I just hope the mishimoto ic is much better quality than their radiators
  6. I do too. Previous owner said it worked like a champ.
  7. *updated*

    Just got my FR500's :cool:
  8. Nice!

    May I advise that if you don't already have a trans cooler and done the J-mod, do those immediately. Your transmission will thank you later.

    This setup with a good converter could easily be capable of 10s with enough traction. :nice:
  9. I've ALWAYS wanted to add a tranny cooler, just haven't gotten around to doing it. I will definitely be doing that here shortly as well.
  10. Just my fkn luck, my garbage intake has cracked just below the aluminum crossover :fuss:
  11. sounds like a good excuse to get either an edelbrock or a trickflow... ;)
  12. Any recommendations for a canned baseline tune? I just need something to get the car started and to the tuner.
  13. If you leave the stock injectors and MAF installed until you get to the tuner, it should run just fine. Just stay out of boost.

    If you have to put the injectors and MAF on before you drive it to the tuner, you'll have to get your tuner to write you a tune for that. The car may crank and run, but that's about the extent of it.
  14. When i installed my Kenne Bell, I had the stock tune with the 39lb injectors and a LMAF installed. Car ran JUST enough to drive it 25 miles to the tuner...... It died like twice on the way, but it still got there perfectly fine. No can tune needed.
  15. I have to drive 250 miles :ack:
  16. Try to find a friend with a truck, and trailer it up there instead. Theres no way I would drive 250 miles..
  17. This...

    I'm somewhat familiar with the KB install and swapping injectors on the fly isn't viable. If worse comes to worse, you should be able to rent a half ton truck and trailer from U-haul. It's easier if you have a buddy with a truck and just pay for his gas etc.
  18. Wow what a colossal waste of time and money, look back at this thread in ten years op and wonder what you could have instead done with it.
  19. What are you talking about?