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  1. LOL
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  2. Hell of an idea! I didn't even think of that. I have access to a truck and a towing trailer from UHaul is pretty cheap.
  3. Props to you nightfire for not getting all butthurt at my comment. It is an awful lot of cash to dump into a car. I hope you are also focused on your future as well and not buying that stuff on credit. It is your business of course all I ask is that you think about it...
  4. Nope, not purchased on credit :)
  5. Eh, if he's mechanically inclined, it shouldn't be a big deal to swap the injectors and MAF after he gets to the tuner. I could easily do it in 30 or so minutes.

    And he still has spent less money than you have on your Cobra. :shrug:

  6. I had to go back and re-read. The OP doesn't have a KB... someone else mentioned it. My bad.
  7. Oh ok, I didn't even notice your comment was specific to a KB. :nice:

    Either way, I still say the best way is to get the tuner to email a tune to the OP that accounts for the injectors and MAF. Any competent tuner should be able to do that with no problem.
  8. Whats the concensus on using the stock MAF with a diablo MAFia?
  9. get a lightning maf. i use a mafia with stock maf, but if i could do it all over again i would have ponied up the extra $75 and got the 90mm
  10. I finally got my 315 NT555R's and got the wheels on. These things are absolutely gorgeous! I find myself staring out my front window at them quite a bit.



    The 315's are WIIIIIIDE! The car looks like a steam roller from behind. I LOVE IT!

    They barely fit in my office chair lol


    Also got my wideband gauge



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  11. nice nice nice!
  12. Dig the fr's on it!!
  13. Finally got around to fixing the cracked intake. It turns out that a tiny section of seal around the thermostat port had broken. It's a damn shame that such a small thing has to lead to replacing the whole damn intake :nonono:




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  14. Badass.

    The only thing I will be critical about is your choice in pistons, fuel system and not adding a meth kit. With the extreme heat we see here, and you being in the desert, keeping the IAT's down is critical. I would not rely on just a BAP in the long term, and get some more octane and cooling to the car through meth.

    Glad to see the car finally being built. Feck the haters like KT dbag, my car is just as old as yours and I'll be building it next month too.

  15. Thanks, Dr. Phil and Suze Orman at the same time. Maybe I'll use your advice... Oh wait, I'd always be slow like you...
  16. I got the kenne bell intake manifold. Comes with a big black box. Its not plastic, never breaks.
  17. Really? I thought Manley was about as good as they come. I haven't purchased the rotating assembly yet so Im still open to suggestions.

    As far as the fuel system goes, the setup Im going to run is just to get me started. I scraped the focus pump and bought an Aviator pump. When I can afford it, Im going to overhaul the fuel system. As for meth, the more I read about it the more I like it. Im pretty sure I'll run a kit in the near future.
  18. My bad, thought you were running "Mahle" pistons. Manley are fine. I prefer Wiseco or Diamond pistons. I'd run 10.1:1-10.4:1 compression personally. It's amazing what 1 point in compression can do to the bottom end fun factor of a centri blown car. My last setup was 10.5:1 compression, and I might go up to 10.8:1 on my 347 build I'm starting. Meth with a spot on speed density tune is the best route IMO.
  19. Merry Chistmas Winters