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  1. Well I went ahead and ordered the MMR rod and piston combo. Manley forged pistons, MMR 4340 H-beam rods, Total Seal rings, and complete ARP hardware. I think that I will be seeing about 14si or so with the 3.2 pulley so I'm going to run that one and see what it makes. Hopefully I don't run out of fuel.
  2. If I went with a Tial BOV, what spring would I need to run? 2psi?
  3. 2 psi? Did you mean 20psi?
  4. Well I don't know. I went to buy one and they ask what spring you want with it.....12psi, 11, 10, 8, 6, and 2. Next to the 2psi option it says "supercharger only". What does the spring pressure mean?

    Anyway I bought a Procharger Big Red valve instead :D

    BTW, does it matter whether or not it is steel or aluminum?
  5. The steel one was forged from the the dark lands of Mordor, while aluminum ones are from recycled Coca Cola cans.

  6. I always wondered.... :D
  7. I guess I need to get the steel one.....
  8. Usually when they are asking about steel or aluminum they are asking about the mounting flange, so if you have steel pipes you need the steel fitting to weld in, aluminum for aluminum. The valve bodies only come in aluminum.
  9. Thanks, I figured. My tubing is aluminum so I got aluminum although I won't be using the flange :shrug:
  10. That's the loudest damn BOV I've heard. My friend Jmuck makes around 1000rwhp through a YSI on a similar setup that I'm going with in his 01. When the car revs, you can't hear a single thing besides the Big Red. There were about 40-1000 to 1800hp cars all cranking up in the pits at the last Texas Invitational. No Lambo, Viper, Ford, or GM was even remotely as loud as his car. My car was a street sweeper and one of the loudest I've heard, but not compared to his.

    Crank it up to 20psi, and understand that your neighbors will now hate you! No BOV action here, but I'll try to find some of his car. No Big Red in this video, but he changed it.

  11. **** yea! LOL. I bought the enclosed valve instead of the open. Im going to run it open and if I get tired of it, I'll close it.

    BTW, Winters, I hope you continue to make frequent visits to my thread as I have made my decisions based on and hold your input in the highest regard. You know your stuff (along with sneaky98 and Rick91gt). You guys are helping tremendously! Im almost ready to have everything done.
  12. No problem! Just remember, boost is like a drug. If you have the bottom end built right, have proper fueling and a spot on tune, turn it up! As I said, a very knowledgeable tuner will know what they are doing, so if the fuel drops, the motor will yank timing and you should be fine.

    Also, make sure you get the correct spring with that big BOV. I looked at some mustang guys running it on youtube with the D1SC. That blower is proven capable and reliable in the 900rwhp area(1400cfm) on our cars and I made 850rwhp on a small 1200 cfm blower. If you get a heavy spring that is too heavy, over time, you "could" see compressor surge and damage the impellers if the BOV doesn't let the air back out.

    Very interested in the build! Keep us updated. :)
  13. Received my rotating assembly. They are gorgeous!

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  14. what size dish did you go with? 21cc?
  15. 18cc. I didnt want to go any higher in CR because we have :poo: fuel and HOT summers here.
  16. OP is updated with new/better pics :D

    She goes in on Monday!!!!
  17. You gotta run meth. With the amount of money involved in your build, a meth kit is the smartest thing you can do. I have friends making 800-1000rwhp on 87 pump gas and a ton of meth. They choose to rely on the meth for fueling/octane, and let the speed density tune pull it back if the car goes lean. Their cars have lived for years with this method.

    It saved my built motor probably 3-4 times from fuel issues.
  18. Im looking into meth kits. So when I get the car tuned, I ask for a "speed density" tune?

    Anyway, got the Big Red today. This sucker is HUGE!


  19. I'll pm you my address for that useless thing in below your big red there buddy :jester:
  20. LOL I knew you guys would get a kick out of that :D