Progress Thread And so it begins....

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  1. Anyone know what the max power on the stock fuel lines is? 500rwhp?
  2. Fuel system is done
    Gauge setup is done
    3000 stall is in
    Motor is in
    Just need to mount the blower and IC/piping
    Will be done next Friday!

    Should run low-mid 10's easy

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  3. Any reason you guys put in the motor without the head unit with bracket in before? I'm sure you guys mocked it up before with belts, etc, right?

    Not knocking you, as you know I'm a fan of your build, but I would have cleaned that engine bay to be spotless before your motor installed.
  4. I asked the same thing. They mocked everything up with no problem. They didn't want to risk ANY sort of damage to the head unit as they put the motor in so they removed it (they also need to change the oil while it is OFF of the motor). He assured me that the engine bay will be spotless along with the entire car. Bracket is mounted to the head unit with the 3" pulley already on the blower and the Procharger idler pulley is also on, just need to bolt it up.

    Im getting it back next Friday. Fridays here is TNT night at the track and Im taking the car (not going to run it). We want to show it off. So, they're going to make sure everything is spotless and they're even going to wax and whatnot. These guys have done COUNTLESS work for people here in town. Their known for their performance work and he want to use my car as "advertisement" so-to-speak. Shop posters, brochures, advertising posters all with my car in it. Believe me when I say he's going to have it running and looking like a million bucks.
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  5. cant wait to see her done!
  6. Should be done this week. Just ran into a few problems/delays.
  7. If you only ran in to a few problems/delays, you're a lucky guy. The nightmares that builds can be. You rarely find people bring honest and candid about all the issues a long the way, especially vendors on different car forums.

    Can't wait to see the results.
  8. Well the build is up to 5 tell me how many roadblocks Ive run into for a build like this. Broken water pump, new oil pump, replacing timing guides, wrong SC bracket, problems with boost piping, etc.

    So damn frustrating, but it does seem like the end is near. Cant wait to hop into her for the first time. I miss her like crazy!
  9. Sounds exactly right. Wait till you have boost leaks, and start launching belts taking out your hood liner. Get cheap belts up front, run more expensive hd green belts later when you know every thing is aligned. I had a YSI blower on one of my cars. Thing drove perfectly fine, a few hundred miles, laser aligned, etc. Dyno pulls were great to 4800-5200rpm's around 650rwhp. Once we hit 700rwhp, boom. Belt gone every time. Pulled the crank pulley, brackets and SC. Nothing. Ended up being an incorrect machine work on my aftermarket 8 rib crank pulley not noticeable to the eye.

    Also, mount a fire extinguisher to the passenger seat slide rail for easy access with your right arm. Zip ties work fine. 20 bucks to save your beast.
  10. Thanks Mark. Thanks o_O
  11. Any updates?
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  12. +1
  13. Finishing up the break-in, going for a tune next week. I'll post pics and vids once everything is finished.

    Im participating in a street car shootout on the 18th so I hope to have some vids of that too.