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  1. Can I get some advice regarding the fuel system? The planned fuel system includes 42lb injectors, 270lph Aviator pump, and a KB boost-a-pump. Would it be worth it to upgrade to 60lb injectors with the stock lines, Aviator pump, and BAP.....or would I max out the entire fuel system before I would need 60lb injectors?
  2. Anyone? Any input on Siemens Deka injectors?
  3. Nevermind, went with the 60lb'ers, Lethal Performance fuel line upgrade kit, and Lethals wiring upgrade kit
  4. Few new goodies.....
    BAP/FPM wiring upgrade

    60lb injectors

    Aux trans cooler (to cool that 3000 stall)

    ARP hardware :cool:

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  5. Very nice! 60's should give you room to grow, especially if you add a meth kit to fuel the beast in the future. Have you decided what you're going to do gear wise?

    Btw, did you see what the yellow stock bottom end car that your tuner is rivals with run last week in Pheonix? It's a beast with stock, untouched heads.
  6. LOL yea Al tore it up. He's coming to back for a cruise this Friday night (with my builder) and he's running a few grudge match races next Friday.

    Im keeping the 4.10's and see how they feel. I have a 3000 stall going in which would launch me right round where boost kicks in. Im going to run my 315 Nt555R's first to see how they hold up and then a set of 275 MT slicks.
  7. Can anyone tell me roughly how much boost I can run with:

    Aviator 270lph pump
    KB BAP
    wiring upgrade
    60lb injectors
    stock heads/cams

  8. The question is more like how much boost are you planning on running?

    You appear to have enough fuel; now you'll just find your next weakest link
  9. On the one pump, no more than 10psi. I'd run duals if you want to go any higher than that. Sell the BAP and the 270 pump, get two 310lph GT pumps, should be good up to 15lbs of boost with out running a return setup. (should be good for more than 500hp at the wheels)
  10. Aviator Fuel Pump is rated to 310lph
  11. That's the thing, there doesn't seem to be consensus on what the flow rate is. Some say 270, others say 277, and 310. I bought mine brand new from CJ Pony parts and they have it listed as 270lph. I don't have it here with me so I cant look at it.

    I plan on running a 3.2" pulley which should put me around 13-14psi, but I want to run more if I can :shrug:
  12. You still planning to run the BAP?
  13. Yup. I cant afford to change course now. I'll run the Aviator pump, BAP, and 60#'s and see what I get for now :shrug:
  14. I have seen people go 500HP with 39lb. injectors with a SVT Focus fuel pump and a BAP.... So 500 is easily obtainable with an Aviator Pump, BAP, and 60lb injectors.

    I am running an aviator pump with a 40amp BAP. Kenne Bell said i had to run a 40amp BAP instead of the 20amp BAP because the aviator pump is much more powerful.
  15. You're running an Aviator pump? Great! I wonder how much boost I need to run to get into the 500's in a 600+ ft DA. Im going to run 3.2 which should yield about 14lbs on a stock heads/cams 2V but the DA here is going to suck 1-2lbs, but Ive got a powerpipe that I hope gives me at least an additional 1lb. Should I order smaller pulley?
  16. That BAP will push the rating of that pump WELL OVER any of the ratings that you listed above. A 255 at 17V from a BAP for instance, cranks out 322 liters per hour @ 40 psi.

    So your flow rate is going to vary depending on where you setup the BAP.

    For the sake of argument, let's say that your aviator is rated at 270lph at 12V and 40 psi. You can expect to see well over @ 40 psi 350lph and that's a CONSERVATIVE estimate.
  17. :D
  18. Do I need to worry about blow-by? Would a catch can or a breather be a good investment?
  19. Only if your not running the stock PCV system on the engine.
  20. Ok good.