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  1. Just case anyone was interested in what else came with the BOV.....


  2. I'd rather have that you useless I've had great gains with a methanol kit in general picked up nearly 100 horsepower my buddies turbo vette and 80hp a customers Mustang. I used snow kits on both since I am a dealerwe use the snow fluid on the Mustang and our own mix on the vet since I prefer a little more methanol on a high horsepower set up 900 horsepower on the vet in 80 percent math
  3. Well it has begun. I dropped the car off this morning. A few developments......apparently valve seal leaks (which I have had for quite some time) and boost = :nono:

    So I got a great deal on, first off, repairing the valve seals and, since he's already in the heads, he's going to port, polish, and give them a 5-angle valve job. Im stoked.
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  4. Well my builder is pretty backed-up so it is taking some time. I should have known better, racing season is approaching. So far he's only pulled the heads to have them machined. SO.....he has another pair of PI heads off of an 04 GT that are in great shape laying around. He's going to bolt those back on the motor so the car runs and is taking me out to the track this Friday night. He wants to see what the car runs before doing all the work. I've never been to the track so I have no prior ET's and he's going to teach me about racing at the track (this guy is a local legend as far as car building and probably spends as much time at the track than he does at home). He's super damn cool and is hooking me up everywhere. So, we'll see what my full bolt-on, geared, auto GT will run @ 5000ft density altitude. Im hoping for low 14's (low 13's anywhere else). He's confident in saying that I should have an 11-second car after everything is said and done.....thats an 11-sec car HERE, which means it essentially would be a 10 sec car!!!! We shall see, so stoked!

    He has an employee with a BONE stock 01 GT auto convertible with JUST a 3000 stall and 4.10's that runs consistent low-mid 14's (5000ft DA) here.

    *crosses fingers*
  5. What benefits would I see out of a 75mm TB/plenum combo?
  6. DA is always high in El Paso, but you can still run decent times with a blower out there. My buddy Albert, hasn't run any faster in Houston the 2 times he has come to town in his stock bottom end C5. This was a 9.44 pass on a T trim(smaller blower than yours). DA was around 6000ft if I remember correctly, and the car made low to mid 600's hp. It's a street car that gets driven all over. Tuning is the key.

  7. Holy cow, what a small world. Im quite familiar with Al. He posts on our local board ( In fact, he seems to be the arch-nemisis of the guy who's building my car. A LOOOOT of :poo:-talking/races between them for a LOOOONG time lol
  8. First time to the track and HOLY COW WHAT A BLAST!!!!

    DA at the track tonight: 5300-5400ft.

    Best pass of the night (only had 3 passes):

    RT.................1.2639 :sleep:
    1/8 ET...........9.6179
    1/8 MPH.......75.36
    1/4 ET...........14.8270
    1/4 MPH.......95.6

    I had major traction problems. A few SRT8 Challengers all running high 14's-15's. A Lightning ran a best of a 14.7. LS1's were running high 14's in the mid-upper 90's. There were a TON of 2V GT's and I was the 2nd fastest (he was spraying). I beat a 370Z :D

    So overall I'm pretty happy.
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  9. Rut row. Consider your life changed now. Once you start racing, it's an addicting lifestyle.

    Congrats on running some decent times in that DA up in mountains. Every .1 you drop from your 60ft, you will gain about .2 in overall ET. Once you get to the 1.7 area, .1 will knock off about .15 off your ET. Again, congrats. You will be hooked with boost and a tire out back!

    Remember, RT and ET are not related. Don't try to look cool and cut a light. Sit for 5-6 seconds after it goes green and let the other car go, so you can practice your launch and get your ET down.
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  10. You are not kidding, I really think Im addicted. The whole environment and exerience was insane, I loved it. The noise, the smell of burnt tire/race fuel, and the smokey air.....I was in heaven. I can't wait to return with my setup completed :burnout:
  11. Haha, now you see why so many of us spend WAY too much time at the track. :D

    I'm convinced that if someone created an air freshener that smelled like burnt C16, they'd be rich.
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  12. And way too much money, Will. Like your brother and trucks, it's all the same. Automobile enthusiast, whatever your flavor, dump a chit ton of their income on these things. It's a lifestyle
  13. Im think Im going to throw in a converter in since the motors out. Anyone have any suggestions?

    I was thinking a locking converter with around a 3000 stall? I understand that you generally want a stall speed around where you make your peak TQ for max performance but it is still going to be a DD car.
  14. Dirty Dog makes good stuff, and is what a lot of the 4r70w guys I know run. In your setup, I'd go with a 3600-ish stall (lockup, of course). 3600 is only going to stall around 3200 on a footbrake. It sounds like a lot, but it's not. That's what I plan on going with if/when I build my auto.

    You really are going all out on this thing, haha. Assuming it sticks, your setup would run deep 10s at sea level.
  15. Does Dirty Dog have a website or anything? I know Ive needed a converter for a while now. My building is a hardcore racer and only races with auto's (he says nothing beats a good auto). He's been telling me how much I needed a converter since pretty much the first time we spoke. He finally came out and said that if I decided to get one, he's install it for free since the motor and everything is alrady out. I think he wants it more than I do lol!

    I think that the local race scene may have something todo with. I noticed that when I went to the track, there were quite a few shops out their with their "posse". Theres a LOT of competition between the shops. Since hs shop is building my car and I will basically represent them (and my setup was already pretty big) he wants to go all-out on mine and produce a hell of a fast car out of his shop. He's doing some of the work free of charge, almost like a sponsor type deal :shrug:

    I dont see how I wouldn't run 11's here when its all done. 11's at 6000+ (summer coming up) DA is pretty quick IMO

    If I were in your shoes, I'd look at the 9.5" triple disk, or at a minimum, the 9.5" billet converter.

    I'd just get up with him, tell him your setup, and see what he says. IIRC, his name is Allen. There's a lot of Thunderbird guys running his converters in their cars. I've personally seen some 1.5 and 1.6 60's cut by these T-bird guys with relatively mild builds (350ish rwhp) on those converters. RobertP just recently broke the 1/4 Tbird record (9.98) on one of Dirty Dog's converters.
  17. Any other suggestions on stall speed?

    500rwhp (give or take)
    Occasional track car
    Still a DD/street car
  18. Finally got around to uploading some pics, for now.....

    Pulling the motor:


    Forgot to drain the tranny....OOPS :chair:


    Factory converter

    Cutting stripped bolts holding on converter


    Timing cover off. Everyone was impressed with how cleanmy motor was. Frequent oil changes FTW!





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  19. Im also ditching the 42's and bought some 60lb injectors. I think 60#'ers, KB BAP, nd the Aviator pump will work for now.