Another race vid...

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  1. I got to race my buddies street bike last night. NOT a fair race ata ll as its a gxxr1000 with a couple mods, so this bike SCREAMS. But hes only had it for a few weeks and isnt the best rider yet. Anyways, we raced twice, once from about 5mph(i had alot of tire spin) and once from about 40(2nd gear)

    He has a hard time really hammering it without the wheel coming up, so i was able to stay with him for a bit, until around 80 or 90 then im all done.

    Hes got a buddy with a stock r6 which im gonna take a crack at next, from what ive seen at the track that should be a fairly good race.

    Anyways, my friend taping wasnt the best as the apillar is right in the way in one race LOL.

    Left click - Click
  2. DAMN that bike is fast!
  3. that's rediculous
  4. The SC whine from your cobra is sexual in nature.

    The R6 does somethin like a 10.8 1/4 mile, so unless you're bringin the A-game and the guy isn't the best rider you have your work cut out for you.

  5. most r6's ive seen trap in the 115-120 range, and riders have a hard time launching as hard as cars(wheeilie). Ive never seen a stock 600 run in the 10's at the track :shrug:

    To tell you the truth I came up with that number because when I bought my VTX 1300 my little brother came with me to drive my car back, he was interested in sport bikes. The gentleman at sky cycle told him it ran a mid to high 10 in the quarter so I guesstimated.

    The link goes to a stock 600 shootout, the R6 ran a 10.68 1/4. Like you were saying though, he'd have to have a pretty slick launch to pull that off. I bet it will be really close, and oh man it would be sweet to say you can take sport bikes in your stang.