Any "old" stangnetters left?

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  1. what's up y'all.... I just joined.
  2. ^^ talkin about old ^^
  3. I remember the "GoldMember" days. Right when the movie came out too.
  4. i dont remember that one... i might have been banned at that point.
  5. Stangnet had a pay program at one time called "GoldMember". It gave you a bunch of things, email accounts, space and best of all NO banner ad's anywhere.
  6. ohhhh yea i remember that... forgot what it was called.
  7. I'm still floating around myself....... my car has become a garage queen, built it too nice to drive.... pondering on selling it
  8. Boom...I'm back and so is the 90 lx that I sold 8 years ago..somehow she found her way back to me without me even looking. And I realized I have been a member on this site for 16 freakin years..yikes
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  9. Nice. Welcome back to the thunderdome.
  10. I get on here occasionally... Sold my '93 a few year back, but picked up a '66 a few months ago.


  11. This one ? ImageUploadedByTapatalk1456935307.558413.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk1456935326.323867.jpg

    If that's it I remember saving pics of that car 8 years ago before I owned my first mustang . That's the car that made me want 93 cobra wheels .

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  12. And you are who?

    If it weren't for an update from Paul some years ago, I'd have thought you vanished. :p

    BTW, the new ride looks like fun. :D
  13. It's hard to believe I'm still here after 16 years with the same car I started with. I could never give the car up.
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  14. Yup. That Is the car.
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  15. Gotta post some new updated pics of it when you get a chance . Really nice car

    Sent from my iPhone using my fingers while my auto correct makes me seem illiterate

  16. If you're on the dark theme or mobile theme, you shouldn't have any banners either.
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  17. Coming up on 9 years on here now, and boy have I learned a lot in that time. The one person that stands out for being a great guy when I first joined was Grady. I wonder what he is up to these days.
  18. Recently started coming around again myself. I believe I was 1Bad89Coupe when I first registered.
  19. I'm still here...almost 17 years. Wow, that makes me feel old. I joined not long after I got my first mustang, now I'm on #4. I learned almost everything I know about mustangs from being a part of this forum. :nice::cool:
  20. 11 years for me. Same car too. There once was just bentley429 but that name was banned. Can't get rid of me that easy.