Anybody else experiencing project burnout?

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  1. If I don't get my Mustang street worthy soon then I'm going to go crazy on this project. Seems like it's worse off then the day I brought it home last October. Hardly anytime to work on it, freezing cold weather keeps me from being in the garage for too long to get anything done. Don't want to sell it so I'm thinking about short cutting some of the plans I have and have it as a driver that I'll work on here and there so I at least get some pleasure out of this. Weather is warming up now so I hope for some progress soon.

    Some people can gut a car and take years dumping money and time into it without driving it but that isn't me, I need gratification as I go.

    As she sits now.


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  2. T top car, rock on!

    keep up the fight.
  3. I'm craving a warm sunny day with the t-tops off to cruise out to CDA Lake with my son. He's my helper and motivator.


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  4. So like.
    What do you still have to do to put it into running condition?
  5. What don't I have to do to it is a shorter list, lol. It's all body work, interior and some electrical. Hopefully one month away from putting insurance on it and rolling hooptie style
  6. Interior is like a day job if you remember everything right! pshhh.

    Toss in some headlights, screw the body, insurance it. And you're good to go in a week, max!
  7. Kind of hard to do when I work full time, have a 4 year old that wants to play as soon as I get him home and my Wife is 20 weeks pregnant with twins and can't really do too much. So Im the cook, cleaner, bath time dad, laundry guy and everything else which takes precedent. I also have to finish all new suspension, ball joints and CV axles on my Moms 94' Accord. When I'm not busy doing all that I'll simply do what you said to my car which is at the bottom of the "honey do" list. Family first, mustang..............................................................distant second :( but i'm trying to not give up.

    Too bad there isn't more time in a day.
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  8. I forget people don't have as much free time as me....:D

    I work two jobs and go to high school but those days off are so easy to work on my car till day light runs out.

    Can't say I feel your pain, but I sympathize with yah. :shrug:
    though I can always use more time in day.
  9. t tops alone should be enough motivation! keep up the fight, it'll be worth it when you finally get to stand back, look at it, and say, "yep, that little badass is MINE!"
  10. I hear ya man. My wife and I just had a baby last December and we also have a 3-1/2 year old. Before the baby was born, I could work on my car on the weekends while my wife watched our daughter or during her nap time. With two kids now, no more of that. I either have to find time late at night (hard when I'm lucky to get 6 hours of sleep as normal) or during the day; luckily I work from home so occasionally I have a free hour here or there that I can work on it, but I always get interrupted.

    I'm an immediate gratification guy like you. Having a "project" car that sits and sits, and may not get worked on for months is not for me. If I'm not driving it I want to actively be working on it.

    Like cenok said, just take your time and keep steady. You'll end up doing things more thoroughly also. Eventually, one day, you'll be glad you kept it.
  11. Hey I feel your pain. Just know that where you are today is not where you will be in a year or 5 and take it one day at a time. I used to have 3 mustangs an 85 race car, an 87 show car and a 2000. Then came the divorce. All three gone in a year. gone. Owned the 87 since NEW and had tons of money in all three. Got custody of my 2 kids and they were very small so I had to put things on hold. Priorities...

    10 years later and I am back in the game. bought a stock 1990 vert with 46k miles and have been slowly modding it. Even though the kids are older now, priorities and time mean I have to do a little to it here and there . it's also my DD so I only have the weekends to work on it.

    Bottom line, do what you can, when you can. Break down the big projects into small ones and it will seem easier.
  12. i also have a t-top car and going on year six my car is finally running but i keep throwing away money on expensive parts and slowing the progress.
  13. Its very easy to get discouraged, I know this feeling well. I'm in the midst of a divorce and the car is the one thing other than my daughter that keeps me going. It was a four year project to get it running, and now that it is running there is a list a mile long of little things that need to get done. I finally set some goals and have stuck to them and that is how I was able to get the car done if you want to call it that, it's still ugly as sin. Lol
  14. Is this the t top thread or something?
  15. Keep going, trust me i myself have been getting burned out lately and have even thought about giving up and moving on to a new project but you would rather work with the devil you know then the one you dont!
  16. I have learned that the only way to have a long car project is to also have a fun car you can drive. If your one and only fun car is out of the game too long, and you have nothing else to play with, it can be very disheartening.
  17. That happened on my 70 mach 1, well that and started a family around same time.... this time around it was more so from getting bummed over all the issues that kept turning up, but time to get back with it....need something to do after work anyhow
  18. I don't know about burnout exactly, but frustration for sure. Like most everyone here, other obligations and more important stuff is always getting in the way of working on the car. Plus, the standard setbacks and unexpected problems can really get you down in a hurry.

    My biggest problem right now is the weather - I need 60+ degree days to paint, and my only day to try is Sunday. Really frustrating that Friday and Saturday will be 65 and clear and Sunday will be 42 and raining.
  19. Dude, Mines been on my lift for almost a year...just waiting for me to put the front accessories on...Just dont want to lol Had enough of it
  20. Bingo. Essentially the exact reason why I bought my WRX.