Anybody else experiencing project burnout?

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  1. I disagree an "fun" DD turns into project car #2 for me. I lack self control

    This far my 06 4runner is doing the DD duties just fine. No mods no problems.

  2. Sheit, just wait 19 more weeks and you'll realize how much time you had. Good luck with the car and the fam!
  3. I find I do better with little projects at a time. Keep it running and moveable. Restore modules and prep them for the install. Like rebuild a trans while one is still in the car, new front bumper with all the fixins loaded and ready to install. The cold has me shut down. I have heat in my garage but I like to have the doors up and everything requires the garden hose outside. Soon I'll be working again. Soon.
  4. Project burn Project "funding" burn out though. :(

    Damn my winter snowmobiling bug. Sleds are fun, but they're not cheap to operate. Probably averages me about $100 every trip I go out. Fuel, food, etc.

    Summers just around the corner, I'm tapped out for cash and still have my engine sitting on a stand. :bang:
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  5. Gearbanger 101
    It seems to be the same story for me. Either I have the time and not the money or I have the money and not the time. Why can't I just have both? :(
    At the moment I simply don't have the time. This working stuff always tends to get in the way with car progress. My car has sat in the trailer since my last trip to the track. I have a few things I need to go over and a few things I want to change and no time to work on it at all. How discouraging...
  6. Mikestang and 84ttop,

    I hate to hear about people going through divorce when there's kids involved. I'm sorry to hear about that and wish you the best.

    My father who was also my best friend past away Jan 2012 and my responsibility doubled over night. I got this Mustang project as an emotional kind of pass time for myself and my son (my Father was a master autobody tech at Ford for 35 years). I remember growing up and smelling the bondo that my Dad was mixing up for side jobs and the sound of a DA sander smoothing out body panels. I loved those two things and can't wait till it warms up enough to do the body work on my mustang with his tools and have the fun of watching my son apply some of the bondo on his first body panel.

    That's what this project means to me but It gets tough watching it sit while it cold out and the clock works against us all. As you guys mentioned I need to break a big project into small parts and set goals or a schedule and get little things accomplished. I need to treat my weekends like a work week and set at least an hour aside and I think early before the family wakes up is a great time to do this.
  7. I was experiencing a little lack of motivation, partly from the cold weather, and partly cause i have so much apart on the car that its hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    Then i registered for drag week... thats the kick in the ass i needed. I would recommend it to anyone in a slump haha
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  8. Running slow myself , I have a boat load of parts but it's cold here and no motivation , I am going away tomorrow for 8 days Florida so I should be refreshed when I get home my list is

    take the outer trimmings off to get ready for paint
    pull interior
    swap dash
    carpet etc
    have headliner wrapped
    intake gaskets , W/p and t stat
    Roll my qts
    go to paint
    Finish interior

    and enjoy !
  9. We have a cool week this week in the low 50's for the high and low 30's at night. It's supposed to get back up to low 60's next week and if it will hold there I'll be able to get sanding and pulling dents!!!!

    My list for the next two weeks I hope to get done,
    weld up my floor pans (have a couple tears in them)
    intall new poly iso's for rear springs
    weld in MM full length SFC's
    install new black ACC carpet
    install new (to me) black front and rear seats
    new CAI
    bolt the fenders and front clip back, lights and then drive the [email protected]!!
  10. Wow, another similarity between myself and 84Ttop. Until NMRA Bradenton last week, the last time I drove my '89 LX was July of 2009. I'm not too shy to admit that I had what I would consider a nervous breakdown on at least two different occasions during that time. (3-month chassis job actually took two years... brand new engine fuel-soaked the cylinders upon first startup attempt which killed the piston rings, requiring a fresh rebuild... etc) If I'm being completely honest, the only thing that kept me from selling everything and starting over is that the car is a project car for 5.0 Mustang Magazine, so basically if I give up my car, I give up my job. (not an option)

    I'm sure we all have some sob story about our projects, but I wanted to share something positive. Finally getting the chance to make passes in the car last week made me feel like a HUGE weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. It was awesome. And in my particular case, shoving the throttle pedal through the floor and running 155 through the traps was nearly orgasmic. (pardon my french)

    So hang in there guys. Generally speaking, your hard work will yield a proportionate reward.
  12. Sharad
    Very well put. It was all worth it when the guy on the return road handed me that 9.09 slip. You couldn't punch the smile off my face for at least a week if you tried. Now I guess I should get back to hustling on the car for Georgia.
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  13. Send me a PM and we can discuss it.

    Hahaha! Right there with ya brother. Actually UPS just showed up with some parts right before I posted this. I need to report to the garage immediately! ;)
  14. Since mine is running and it's just cosmetic stuff for now I've decided to take a little time between giving it away to guys who are definitely take longer than they said to do what I am paying them to do. I get it back from body and paint tomorrow (hopefully) after giving it to him a month ago (he told me 2-3 weeks). As opposed to giving it to the interior guy right away (he says 3-4 days which means 2 weeks) I'm gonna keep it for a few weeks so that I can maybe drive it a couple times if the weather permits. My girlfriend says I have been a cranky bastard for the last couple weeks and she is right.
  15. mine is progressing..

    from this

    todays pic

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  16. Im experiencing project low fundage :(
  17. Yep. My notch has been sitting in front of my house for a year now, gutted. I need a cam and valve springs and the engine will be ready to go in. Hoping I have enough money by summer.
  18. buy me one, so I can tare into my engine?
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  19. You and me both! :cry:
  20. It's tough. Take a break from it for a week or two. I've even done a month long break. Then go back when your ready to do some more wrenching. I'm experiencing the WTF is that sound troubles.