arrrgghhhhh my S/C plans are crumbling

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  1. i just got back from the bank this morning. i went to get a $6500 loan for my KB mongoose kit. i already know what everyone says about loans for mods so please dont tell me it is a dumb idea to get a loan for a s/c. anyways the bottom line is i cant get an unsecured loan for $6500, however the good news is that i did get approved for a $4000 loan. now comes the decision. do i say ok to the 4,000 and buy the MPH novi 2000 kit?? or save up the extra 2,500 for the KB??? will i really be disappointed with the novi on the srteet??? i know the KB is a better s/c for a street car but is the novi going to be really crappy driving around town?? i have 3.90's in right now so my rpm's stay fairly high which is good for a centri. the novi will give me a LOT of extra cash for future mods being that the monthly payment is $100 cheaper. this would also help me get a forged bottom end faster. i really want to hit 400 rwhp with whatever s/c i get. so give me your opinions on what i should do.
  2. Get the novi man. You wont be disappointed with it if you do it right. With the money you have left over in the future put into more/safer boost. The KB kit is good, but its not the end all. The centri's are capable of making just as much power if not more. The only thing youre sacrificing is the initial effortless tire roasting ability, which can still be done with the centris if you try.
    Dont look back, either. Make it work for you- good luck...
  3. i believe with 3.90 gear and the right pully on that novi--it should give you some pretty good steam down low...don't underestimate centri... when you want it to come one is just a matter of setup
  5. Save ... just save the money. The total amount.
    Tim will wait for you and so will KB. :nice:
  6. You are making very bad financial decisions, but I think you already realize this :notnice:
  7. The KB is a sweet setup, however, do you REALLY need the bragging rights or are you just looking for a spirited car? If you are strapped on cash get the centri NOW and have FUN! When you get on it you probably won't notice the 1,000 rpm difference from when the boost kicks in. Just sit back and enjoy it. I'm doing my mongoose kit this June as well. Good luck!
  8. I totally agree!!!

  9. +1
  10. well even though he said he didnt wanna hear people's financial comments, some asshat always has to chime in. For all we know, this guy has a secure, decent paying job that would EASILY allow him to make payments on a small loan for his car. You will not be sorry with a centri. With stock gears on 6 psi, mine will roast the tires through 1st and 2nd extremely fast.....EXTREMELY fast.
  11. i know that nobody thinks it is a good idea about the loan, but i'm really good at paying them off early. i paid off my atv loan that was $7,000 in one year and one month. i am planning on doing the same with the s/c. it's not gonna leave me strapped for cash especially with the $4,000 loan. i can basically double up on the payments every month and still have plenty of spending money. i just really suck at saving money. i am already putting aside $150 a month into an account that i never even see. that way if something bad ever comes up i will have plenty of cash. i have more than enough for a KB in that account but i'm not touching any of that money. i was just really set on getting the KB and now i dont know if i will be satisfied with anything less.
  12. i just got a raise and my position in the shop isnt going anywhere. i can afford to make an extra $400 payment a month without worrying about cash. i just want to get the s/c soon b/c i'm getting married on sep. 9 and i know that within the next 3 years there will be kids on the way. and after that happens i know that my priorties will be different.
  13. Do it now! while you still have control of the checkbook.
  14. I am not trying to be difficult. You say that you "double up on the payments every month and still have plenty of spending money" but yet you say that you "really suck at saving money". I would suggest that you save the money that you "double up" on each month and then pay off your debt. Otherwise you are just paying more in interest than you have to. Food fo' thought.

    Regarding the supercharger ... why do you want it? If you want it to make your car where you can race it to make money then I say get the loan. Otherwise, save your money man. Loans affect your credit even if you pay them on time "doubled up".

    If you don't care about my advice, the get the KB. :D
  15. Why would your current "priority" be to go into debt to get your car to go a bit faster now? :scratch:

    If you over-extend yourself financially, life will f'k you up the azz every time...

    Anyway you do what you have to do... No one could tell me the harsh realities of life when I was young and stupid and knew everything either...
  16. well she wont reallt be able to stop me from modding my car. but i kinda promised her that i would help her remodel our house after the wedding. nothing big just new carpet and paint. maybe tearing down an interior wall. the novi is louder than a s-trim isnt it? i want a nice whine if i'm gonna go with a centri.
  17. i want a bad ass STREET car. thats why i was gonna go KB. saving money is really hard for me b/c everytime i get a good amount saved up i find a great deal on something like my big screen, surround sound system, new computer, camcorder, atv for my girl....ETC. i could have paid off a s/c in cash with all the small purchases i have made in the last year.
  18. Dont think anyone will get through to him about taking out a loan for mods.....

    That being said.........if you had your mind made up for a KB, then save for the KB. Sounds like you should be able to have the difference in no time with the raise and things.

    No reason for self gratification now when what you really want will take just a little more time.
  19. Oh you will get a nice whine! It will sound like this "Why do you spend so much money on that stupid car?! Isn't it fast enough already! We could have spent that money on blah blah blah..."