arrrgghhhhh my S/C plans are crumbling

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  1. You're forgetting the Novi doesn't come with an IC.

    Novi & intercooler will cost as much as an IC'ed KB 1.7L. If you get a built motor, then you'll need to upgrade your fuel, suspension, rear end, trans, etc. If you want a reliable 600+hp, it will cost you over $25K in the end.

    I'm not saying the Novi isn't the way to go; it kicks ass, like any power adder. But you seem to have a false perception that going centri will be much cheaper than positive displacement. It isn't. Horsepower is never cheap.
  2. true true:rlaugh:
  3. no i do understand it is going to cost me alot. i was refuring to the thread starters situation though. he can get both the built bolck and the novi for the price of the kb. (hes only looking to run the standard amount of boost)
    he can get the intercooler later if he plans to up the boost.

    i too will be paying less for a centri setup because i wont even be able to spin the 1.7 as hard as i need to to get 14psi out of it, i would need to get the 2.2kb. for the price of that i am going to buy the novi 2000, the intercooler, and the p51 intake. :D it is sick expensive dont get me wrong, but i can get more foe the price going centri. im pretty sure it wont be a slouch....hopefully.
  4. i was wondering would the tune MPH supply be good enough or would you still need to get a dyno tune?

    I kind looking a doing the same thing with the loan to help my credit?
  5. Most other places you get a mail order tune from, I would say yeah, go get a dyno tune. But in the case of MPH, and considering their reputation for great products, I would say you'd be pretty safe with theirs.

    That said, I personally would still go do a few pulls on the dyno, just for peace of mind.
  6. i talked to Tim at MPH and told him my plans for a built bottom end in the next year or so. he said that with forged internals the novi would outpreform the KB in the end. you should get your car to a dyno to check the a/f ratio after the install. with my gears i think the centri will work pretty good. if i dont change my mind in the next 12 hours it looks like i will be buying a novi as soon as i get off work tomorrow. i hope i'm making the right choice.
  7. Sounds like a good plan. I'm sure you will enjoy it. As people have said before the novi is a great blower and will do just as well if not better than the KB.

    Getting the loan from the bank to build credit is smart as long as you can afford it, which is sounds like you can. It's a win win. Just make those payments on time. Putting it on a credit card and paying off over time will most likely hurt your credit score because late payments on a credit card are a big no no, as is any loan.

    Have fun with the blower. If you see me on the streets in Charlotte, give me a big head start!!! :nice:
  8. i dont make it to the charlotte area too much. are you gonna be heading down to myrtle beach for mustang week?? i'm trying to find a bunch of NC guys to go down there with. right now it's just me and my buddy with a 03 cobra. i'm so damn excited about getting the blower i dont even wanna go to work tomorrow. as far as payments go, i have them drafted from my savings account which is funded by direct deposite from work every week. its a good system b/c i never even see the money but i know at the end of the month i will have all i need to pay all my bills.
  9. sounds like you will be getting the novi before my broke ass, so let me know how you like it, what you think of it and all the details about. i cant wait to get this blower. i just have a longer wait because i have to build my engine first.

  10. I wish I was going down. I have missed it every year. There has always been something going on. When mustang week rolls around this year I wont be living in NC anymore.....and I may not have a stang anymore. Thinking of selling it :(

    Last year I was on I485 that weekend and saw about 50 mustangs all rolling together. I wanted to pull a U and go with them so bad. Keep checking the boards and the southeast section here at stangnet and this site
    Particualry the full throttle stangs section. You should find some good info on meets.

    Sorry if I was busting your balls before. Sounds like you got your Sh....t straight.
  11. right now the plan is to go to the bank at around 3 tomorrow. the loan is approved but i left it pending while i made up my mind. then it's just one phone call to get things rolling!! anyone have any tips on making the install go easier??
  12. might as well change that sig. when are you going to get it installed? are you doing it right away and dynotuning?
  13. i'll be doing the install myself. the dyno will be done at fastlane. if the kit comes in by next wed. i plan on having it on in time to make it to the track on firday. gotta love those sick days from work!!
  14. Good for you dude, sounds like you've got your money situation in order. I wouldn't care either about the loan for a supercharger, especially if you can afford the payments. You will be better off I think with the novi because you don't really need tons of down low torque, that's why you have 3.90 gears. Post pics or dyno numbers after you get it.
  15. sell it then get a flood 04 cobra like i am i got 99 cobra im not happy with [​IMG]
  16. with a 2,80 pulley cai exh tuning iam done [​IMG]
  17. not too into the flood car idea. maybe it will work out for you. anyways i have the cash in my account and i'm just waiting on a phone call to order. what upper plenum should i get. i havent really looked at them b/c i was gonna get the KB, but now i need to buy one like in the next 2 days.
  18. why do you have to buy one? just for the extra power, or is there an actual reason that you have to change the stocker?
  19. well its a cheap mod and it will help the power. it would like to have it on when i go to the dyno.