Austrailian SUPER V8

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  1. Has anyone else seen this type of racing on speed network what are these cars
    Ford Falcon???? 4.6mod motor???? 5.4mod motor???? I have know idea whats in these cars but it's kinda like our trans am series only in my opinion waaaay cooler and what does 276kph = in mph that what one of the speedo's read down the streight (Inside car cam) Very agressive racing.
  2. High compression 5.4L 4v
    I need to get an intake to finish the motor, no 4v intakes that will fit under the hood made in the US. (Mainstream) Not paying the money for one to be fabbed up.

    Speed by the way is converted approx like 5280/3300=1.6
    276/1.6=172.5mph or something like that.
  3. I thought they were carb'd 351s...
  4. Yah tis sweet racing the V8 Supercars. Too bad the season has just finished. The last race was pretty amazing. Scaife got pushed off the track, he was the series winner for the 5 previous years straight, for Holden booo. But yeh, the ford that pushed him off came around next lap, and scaiffey ran out to the side of the bitumen yellin and shakin his fist at the ford bloke, and the ford swerved HARD at scaife. Those guys must be real pissed at each other lol.

    Ok, this years falcons (the street cars) have a 5.4L mod motor. 390HP NA. 520Nm of torque too. Oh, and I've talked a few times about the falcon and it appears that because it looks very round, bubble-like, that people who haven't seen it in person assume it is smallish. The latest falcon weighs 1800kg, it is a big boy, full sized family car. I've seen a 2002 mustang vert, and I tell you, the falcons are about 20% bigger overall.

    The supercars, get this, are only allowed to be 5.0L, so the BOSS motor (what the most powerful falcon motor is called here) is destroked, and they put out about 650HP NA.

    I'm glad V8 supercars is starting to go all over the world now, and being noticed, it really is the most kick arse racing I've ever seen. Even a few american guys, who are members of some of the teams say its the best racing in the world.
  5. These guys rock. 276kph is around 160-170mph.
    Gotta love SpeedTV for all their road racing in Austraila, SCCA and WRC championship racing.
    Here is their website
    and broadcast schedule for the rest of the year:
    Gotta love Holden, just wish we could get some of them over here like we did the Evo's.
  6. You're getting holdens the Pontiac GTO is holden's monaro.
  7. i wish we could get some falcons in the us :(
  8. The SCCA sedans are a lot of fun to watch as well. Very competitive and aggressive. Much better than NASCRAP
  9. scca is fun to watch, hopefully i can get into that in the future

    ..i wonder how much it would take it purchase & import a falcon into the us, and eventually switch it to left side driver :shrug:
  10. I'd say buy a standard 6 cylinder, AUD$38k (bout USD$24k) pay import tax, and the cost of the conversion.

    V8 supercars cost us AUD$200k to build per car.
  11. You could probably import a falcon for not that much, and just get used to the right hand drive. Ricers do it all the time. Be nice to see some real impotrs.
  12. yeah, that would really freak the cops around here :rlaugh:
  13. Anyone who hasen't seen this racing you gotta check it out. Here is how I would describe it F1 X Nascar X trans am X German touring car = Australian
    Super V8 racing let me explain

    F1, start race from dead stop so it's a drag race to the 1st corner exept these
    are not open wheeled cars and no one wants to give an inch

    NASCAR cars sound cool these cars sound even cooler alot of very very close racing bumping, rubbing, paint swaping, competitive. And here is a novel idea
    one car can PASS another without help.

    Trans Am series and the German touring car series are both cool but the super V8 racing is in my opinion MUCH more exciting to watch and the exhaust tone is just throaty beffy not FARTY like some of the cars in the other 2 series.

    All in all just great racing.
  14. I can easily see the Falcon imported into the States as a replacement for the Taurus. Hopefully the Goat sells which it will and Ford does the same thing too.
  15. i don't think ford will do it due to emissions. that and the fact that they wouldn't want another car stealing the cobra's thunder. besides, they're hyping up the 05 stang. why dillute that with the falcon? Don't get me wrong. I love the falcon and the HSV's aren't too shabby either. I just don't see ford doing this. What I HAVE heard that they're going to be doing is bringing the AWD cosworth focus to the US. THAT's gonna kick ass.
  16. I dunno about that, we have the taurus here, and the falcon is... BIGGER, lots bigger.
  17. maybe the falcon range can replace the panther chassis cars(crown vic, grand marquis, town car). as an owner of 2 panther chassis cars, i wouldnt mind seeing this happen. i think the main reasons the falcon isnt imported is emissions and crash regulations. the emissions are easy to fix, but i dont think the cars will have the 388hp as they do down under. for crash regulations, ive been told that the bumpers would have to be changed, and the glass would need to be changed. that being said, the monaro was turned into a GTO in 18 months, im sure if ford had saleen or roush do the conversion it could go faster. id love to be able to import a falcon GT and take it to the import only races and watch the looks on their faces when i try to explain that yes its an import, and yes it has a v8, and yes it can smoke a honda.

  18. Route666 are you an Ausi. ???????? Those cars don't look any bigger than a Mustang on TV are you telling me they are bigger than a NASCAR they look so much more nimble I'm shocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. you as a person, can buy one from overseas, have it shipped, fix the emissions and drive it like any other person though :nice:

    i hope someone does it
  20. the problem is that im in CA, and i can just imagine going to a smog shop and trying to convince them that its a CV with a body kit. i dont think the BOSS 290 is CARB approved, or even EPA legal for that matter