Back from Racing COBRASK8 at Watkins Glen - DAMN is it fast!!!!

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  1. Well, Dan and I were talking about towns in his general area; including Allentown which, as far as can be discerned, was not named after any member of my Dad's side of the family!

    And then last night I noticed that one of's "Legendary Guard" (for lack of a better term) is from Elizabethtown, PA.

    So, I was thinking to myself, "Self, what would happen if our own SAAC Official and Legendary Scribe (Dan) were to get together with a long-time "Cat Guy", keeper of one of the Cougar Registries and (I think) Former CCOA Pres -Randy? Would the Classic Ford Muscle World ever be the same????" :eek:

    You were thinking again!:nonono:
    How many times have you been told, NO THINKING BY YOURSELF!:nono: You might get hurt. If you need something thought ask Sue, who with the exception of one error in thought some 25 or so years ago, has a pretty good track record for thinking!:nice:
  3. Hey, I just think it could be fun! Dan probably would have a blast; and be reminded to bring a little insight to this Forum!

    For instance: A lot of GT500 guys would love to have a different (1 cubic inch "smaller") FE motor in their cars; cause it's so extremely rare as to be a 1 of 1 proposition. On the other hand; a lot of Eliminator guys would rather go up1 cubic inch to the more common Mustang/Shelby motor, because for them, that would be almost as rare in a Cougar! :crazy:

    I dunno; I guess since I'm "on both sides of the fence", I can see the interesting differences.
  4. A wise fuzzy once said, "He who straddles picket fence, have no need for Preparation H!"

  5. And next weekend racing again in West Virginia - Summit Point. I need a photographer. Any body close?
  6. Sorry - closest I could come up with is that Tink and Mrs StDr should have Tink all settled in at Ft Bragg (NC) by next weekend. :shrug:
  7. I told you that you should've wired Cobrask8 up with AV equipment, but do you listen to Blue Fuzzy? Noooooooo!:rolleyes:

    BTW Dan - You and the Sk8 mobile should audition for the new "Knight Rider" TV movie / Pilot!:lol:

    Yup that's right! NBC (?) is reviving it!
  8. and off to Summit Point in West Virginia for a racing School. I leave Friday afternoon.

    I need a photographer!
  9. Sorry, I'm heading north this weekend.

    Race safely!
  10. Actually, I'm hearing from Mrs StDr that Tink has to go up to Ft Eustis (VA) to go through hear "Command Check-In" tomorrow/this weekend. Once she's finished with her physical, PT test. etc. etc. she might have a minute or two......

    She's leaving "Mom" in Fayetteville; 'cause Mrs StDr has an old grade-school buddy who lives somewhere 45 minutes from Bragg, and that Sue hasn't seen in almost 28 years. :eek:

    EDIT: Oooooooo..... I'm thinking about Mrs StDr, alone in NC, with Tink's 4x4. That deserves a few extra :eek: :eek: :eek:
  11. Send them to the track! I'm staying in Winchester, by the Va border.
  12. There's a 1/4 mile track right in that area someplace. SVTCobra306 was apparently going to or from there (in his namesake '94) when the Eagle crank "broke a wing". Maybe it was QC..... maybe it ust wasn't up to suckin' on the blue bottle 1/4 at a time :shrug:

    Let's see if I can sneak s*u*c*kin past he censor software. And let's see if he does end up getting a mill that will cause him to have to change his SN to SVTCobra393 or SVTCobra408. :D
    "Heeee-eeeerre Chevy, Chevy, Chevy..........."