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  1. Hey everyone. This may sound like a dumb question, but I just bought a bassini catback with x pipe for my '03 GT. I have never replaced an exhaust system before, so what else do I need ... mufflers, etc?
  2. You bought a Bassani catback? That shoulda came with mufflers...
  3. :lol: .... sorry man, its just really funny that you dont know what you just bought. When you buy a cat back your buying everything from the cats back which includes mufflers and the tubing. As installing your system its pretty easy. But it will probably take you a long time seeing as you have never done it before. And judging by wut you just asked "so what else do I need... mufflers, etc?" I think you should pay someone $50 to install it for you. But if you really want to install it yourself its going to take probably a good 3-4 hours. Im sure you can find some detailed instructions somewhere on the web. Wut else do you need? Well some basic hand tools. If you got an o/r (off road, which means it doesnt have cats, which is illegal but a lot of people do it anyways) then you will need mills. But if you got the high flow x pipe then all you will need are some tools and some ramps. Good luck

  4. Let me clarify myself. I ordered it, its not here yet. But you answered my question, thanks.

  5. I ordered it online and it hasn't gotten here yet. I am sure that when it gets here I would have recognized mufflers in the package. I am not stupid, there is no need to laugh. I put in my own gears last month, don't be so quick to judge.
  6. Grab a pack of beer, some buddies that have done it before and take your time to line it all up.
  7. Oh ok, well like you said you've never done exhaust before. So if you have any more questions just PM me, Im sure Ill have all your answers. :nice:
  8. Aah, ok. Like 03 said, it may be easier to just have someone install it for you. Luckily for me, my neighbor is a car enthusiast and knew what to do. It's not hard or anything, but I wouldn't have bought/installed anything without him there.

    It's really easy though once you get the stock cat back off. You have to either cut it off or drop your axle low enough to remove the stock catback. After that, it's just bolt on. The x pipe is just as easy, just 4 header bolts. The x pipe took about an hour with 2 people, and we didn't really know what we were doing. I'm so unmechanically inclined :p

  9. Thanks guy, I will do that.
  10. Just to clarify -

    You bought the x-pipe & catback? It would be two separate things the x pipe is between the manifold and the catback.

    The trick to the passenger side on the x-pipe is getting at the bolts. You'll need extensions, swivels, wobbles, etc. Also, disconnect the battery - the starter is right there and may give you a little wake up call if you don't.

    On the catback, the trick is really to let the axle hang, but watch the brake lines - don't stretch or pull on anything with the axle hanging down. This will allow you enough room to get the pipes in/out that go over the axle.

    Just a couple tips. When you get ready to do the job, look around a little bit and start a new thread - tons of people on here will be happy to help you out.

  11. u dont spell bassani right ...u dont know what a catback consists of ...and u put gears in yourself?... :rlaugh:
  12. stick it

    Stick it u idiot, did I spell that right?
  13. :lol: Jesus Christ guys...........go easy !! :lol:
  14. stick it you idiot?
    this guy is a ****ing moron and i must say a big :bs: on the gears.
    he got flamed and embarrased so he thought the only way to recover from such a retarded statement was to have previously accomplished probally hte hardest mod to do on your car.

    and i would hope you could recognize a ****ing muffler
  15. :rlaugh: :lol:
  16. Gears aren't hard :) You just put em in and jam the teeth closest together? Something like -2 mesh... :jester:
  17. ass

    It isn't hard to put in gears, it took me and my bud a little over 2 hours to do the job. Don't project your shortcomings onto someone who asks a simple question. Its jerks like you who make forums like this a drag. It must suck to be you, I can go out and drop any amount of money into my '03 , it is one of 5 cars I own. Chris Winter at Crazy Horse is a personal friend of mine, and if you don't know who he is, you don't know anything! By the way, I will be getting blown come springtime, my 'vert is in the garage 'til then. Too bad yours is the only car you own. What a friggin' icehole! By the way, when you get back to your job, bring me home a Big Mac!
  18. Um usually I would say, the older people on the forums are really great people and dont flame, its the newer ones who have to get used to things, it just seems really odd about this cat back situation. With friends like that, a billion cars, and have done gears, then having spend what the "average person" would call big bucks on a cat back system, what the hell did you think you ordered? We "average people" usually try to know what we order before we buy it, but this is america and you can do as you please your heinous.

    As for your question, everything you need should be stuck together. The passenger side is indeed a biznatch but it can be done in a short time. The starter will indeed own you if you get too touchy feely with it and thats no fun so let Chris do it for ya. None the less enjoy. Be sure to have swivels and extensions, beer never hurts.
  19. you guys sound like the wimpy crybaby terriorist loving hate america democrat presidential losers..........hope i spelled this right :lol:
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