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  1. I just changed my catback and xpipe in my garage. Put thr car up on jack stands and start workin. pretty simple. I had to cut off my catback to get it off. Like everyone else here has said, you will need extensions to get your exhaust manifold bolts off. Just be patient and thank the friends who helped and buy them dinner.
  2. I'm a retard when it comes to working on cars. I only know basic stuff. I hope that when I post my next question I won't get bashed this bad. jeez
  3. well its been pretty fun and sorry to any newbies to the sport but it is ok to ask dumb ?'s every ask dumb questions. its the people who try to make up for their dumb questions with some smart ass remark who get flamed(in this case it was cronogeezer).

    and just in case sombody didnt know and attempted to do this (crono?)....there are no muffler bearings that need to be lubed
  4. What?! And to think that I've been lubing my muffler bearings every night for over 2 years :bang:
  5. ack

    I agree with everything you said, my Mom helped me AND my friend put in the gears. How about if I come over to the white trash ghetto that you call home, and unscrew your head and crap down your neck? Hows that sound?
  6. ouch!!! From the top rope!!!!!
  7. hey cronin, what part of Jersey??
  8. :scratch:
  9. Jesus, everyone needs to lighten up. The guy asks a simple question and everyone jumps on him. I see threads like this more and more everyday and people nit pick and try to find the wrongs and flaws in peoples posts. Maybe the guy is knowledgeable in certain aspects of cars but the exhaust system is his weak spot. I'm no expert mechanic, but I can hold my own and feel I have enough knowledge to tackle a gear swap. It's not that hard. I've seen it done. There are quite a few specialty tools you need for the job though so most people find it cheaper to have someone do the job for them.

    As for your questions, use a sawzall or hacksaw to cut the pipe on top of the axle. Like stated before, support the car by the frame on jack stands so the axle will drop.
  10. ack

    You don't own diddlydick :puke:
  11. I saw mrvax in tech yesterday - I thought this thread was a goner for sure. :p
  12. Missed it yesterday. Well someone got banned and there may be another. This is really WAAAAY overboard.

    Posters should not be attacked for lack of knowledge. A little kidding is fine but this "daughter" stuff will get someone shown to the door.
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