best sub in sealed enclosure?

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  1. I just listened to my friends w6's in looks to be about.75 sealed boxs and they were very tight and got very loud. she wants them louder and I told her the only way is to get bigger boxes or go ported and in a extra cab pickup its not an option. my sub gets loud enough but I am going to a smaller box to see if I can get it to tighten up. here is a good read about sub placement. also go to some of the car audio forums like or and there is a lot of info there.
  2. No, I know too much about subs :p I'm just a caraudio freak. It was my job years ago, and now it's my "drug".

    Also, along the lines of what Torch said, check,,,,,, and That should keep you busy for a couple of weeks, then come back if you have any other questions.
  3. Be careful with the smaller box, it may cause you to roll off higher than you'd like. I doubt it, but it may. I like my sealed enclosures to be at a QTC of around .9 ish. I know, .707 is considered "perect", but it doesn't sound as good to me. I like my bass a bit more bloated and punchy.

    Have you looked at the DIYmobileaudio branded 12"? NPDang (the sub's creator) recommends a .5 cube enclosure for it!!!! I must get one.
  4. Doesn't Rockford Fosgate make a killer sub now? A buddy told me his P2 woofers sounded great sealed. What do you guys think?
  5. we did some P2's 10's recently in a F-150 inder the rear seat in a SMALL box, maybe .6 cu ft and the sounded pretty good with the space we had.
  6. The speaker is said to perform the best in manufactures recommended air space. My box is a touch larger, they sound awsome. People often think I have 12s when they here it.
  7. The manufacturers always say that, but they cannot account for every situation. Do you think that box would sound the same in a VW Rabbit or an Econoline Van?
  8. Have you heard the DIY sub? I am thinking of getting one also but dont know if my 400w is enough for it.
  9. Nope, I'm not one of the lucky SoCal boys. I'm going to get one anyway and I'll just use it for home theater if I don't like it in my car.
  10. Well I just bought a Jl 12w6v2 so I guess I will be running that for a while. I just hope I like it in my car.
  11. Have yall heard of the ascendant audio assassin? The specs look ok but the sub kinda looks plain. Anyone heard it before?
  12. Torch, you'll love that V2. I know I kinda sound anti-JL in my rants, but that is NOT the case. I love them. The w6 sounds better to me, and it is more versatile, than the w7.

    Dec322: I have heard the Assassin. It is a modified TCSounds design. It is an incredibly clean driver that has VERY good low-end extension in a sealed box, and gets stupid loud when ported, and it has pretty decent efficiency. I happen to like the plain looks- it performs and does its job without wasting money on chrome, paint schemes, etc. Check out
  13. Running an assassin right now. get loud and doesnt sound bad. depends on what you are wanting the sub for, SQ or SPL. Assassins are more of a SQL sub. Mine is in a 1.2sf sealed box and if I was to keep it I would be going smaller to get it a little tighter sound, I like the plain look, lol.

    Now if I can figure out my comps to run with the W6 I will be happy, well for now.

  14. I'm going more for SQ. It sounds like the assassin is the right sub for me and I can get over the plain looks (sorry guys).

    I went to the local stereo shop and talked to the guy in the store. I was just asking some questions about the Alpine Type R. He recommended the Rockford Fosgate P2. Basically he said it takes less power but sounds better and louder than the Type R. How can this be true? We are talking about a 200-300 watt difference between the two.
  15. efficiency, some speakers are more efficient then others therefore make more sound with less power. also rule of thumb is you have to double the power to get 3 more decibles of sound. My Assassin gets louder with the same amount of power then my Arc, IDQ and Infinity does.
  16. They sound AMAZING in a sealed box. I have them running on a 450watt RMS Fosgate amp and they dont require much airspace at all. My box is very small. They have clear hard hitting punchy bass. I prefer sealed boxes over ported ones. I dont like the "WIND BASS" sound. I will snap some pics of my setup tomorrow, I have 2 12's in a sealed box.