blackvert's n/a buildup thread

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  1. ok i have been looking at building my own 393 again ... still considering the possibilities

    the heads are either professionally ported world products windsor seniors or afr 185s

    here is the EFI version:


    here is the CARB version:


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  2. Please don't do a carb setup. If your going NA, I'd really suggest getting asmany cubes as you can.
  3. don't forget if you go 351 based stroker you also need the new distributor, just some food for thought
  4. here is the 331-built version (i think i like this the most):


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  5. Why are the 351s getting a full oil pan kit with a windage tray/girdle and the 331 gets nothing? Thats a BIG chunk of change in the difference in the 2 builds, im not sure if u have a special reasoning for this but for layout purposes, u gotta build them with "equal" parts to compare the prices. Thats kinda like comparing a quality build to a economy build...ofcourse the economy looks cheaper.

    And are u gonna have the 331 balanced to 50oz? Cause im assuming u're gonna be using the same balancer for that build, what about flywheels? I dont know enough about strokers but it seems that most go with 28oz. if not less on the imbalance.

    Other than that, those were just the couple things that jumped out to me. I hate making these kind of decisions cause it always seems like u cant make a 100% positive decision on one route....GOOD LUCK! :nice:
  6. the main reason is that i need a pan anyway and this is a kit for it. 5.0 wndage trays are like $50, but a stroker main cap girdle is like $325. but like you said, to be "fair", i should add them
    i dunno, i was kinda hoping i could use my current balancer (it was just replaced), but thinking about it, probably not. :shrug:
    i hear ya on that. i've been going back and forth like a flag in a hurricane
  7. ok i see what u're saying, but "need" wise, wouldnt the 331 need a girdle before the 351? Guess it depends on what year 351.

  8. I called M&R and the guy said can include both the girdle and tray when they put the shortblock together, for $295 :nice:

    they can also put the oil pump and pickup on at that time as well, also for less than the cost of the parts from summit
  9. Heads are in.

    The heads came in. My co-worker, who used to build performance engines (his father owns a machine shop ..., looked at them and said both the intake and exhaust ports have definately been ported, and the chambers were smoothed out too. :nice:

    They have also been o-ringed, so I am trying to find out if the guy used the Fel-Pro 1006 Loc Wire gasgets. Otherwise, I will have get the retaining grooves machined out, or use copper gasgets, which i have heard have a higher possibility of leaking coolant after a while.

    My co-worker's shop also has a flow bench, so maybe I can talk him into flowing them for me.

    Pics later ...
  10. here they are:

    exhaust ...

    intake ...

    o-rings ...
  11. the gasgets the other guy used are the fel pro 1006 :nice:

    the springs, retainers and keepers are almost brand new, only 4 passes on them, and will work great with the XE274HR cam :nice:
  12. heh, you guys aren't ready for this ...

    i've decided to refinance my loan to consolidate my debt and have enough money to pay the kids private schools and not have to live hand to mouth anymore.

    i have decided to take $150,000 cash out so that i don't have to live hand to mouth anymore. that will pay my debt and my monthly payments will still be less than what i'm paying now. and i'll have about $100,000 left over.

    no, i'm not going to buy a porsche. i'm keeping the stang. :nice:

    wait, there's more ...

    so yesterday i'm browsing corral and i see an ad for a 1971 351w block and a CHP 408 kit for $1500. the guy is right near the md/pa line, about an hour away, so there's no shipping on it. he says he'll take $1350 for it, so i paypal'd him $400 and i'll give him the rest when i pick up the stuff. i'm taking it straight to my co-worker's dad's shop and get the block bored, honed and squared.

    i'll probably have them put it together too. i'll use a spider efi intake with the elbow, and i'll have them flow these windsor sr heads too. if they are not up to snuff, i'll getting matched heads and a cam from either jay allen or ed curtis.

    this should be similar to low-5.0's setup, so it should make 425-450 at the wheels.

    screw this economy 331 crap, i'm going big.
  13. Hey Chris, i was thinking....if u're going to have that much cash on hand, have you thought about doing a Dart 351? It'd be damn near bullet proof and u probably wont have to upgrade anything else for a very long long time. Wont have to worry about breaking anything either if u wanted to put a blower on it one day. Im not sure of your wants out of the car but....just something that came to mind :shrug:
  14. the bargain on this block and 408 kit is my main reason for going this route.

    this bottom end will be plenty strong enough for what i'm going to throw at it.
  15. dang man i'm really jealous now that was one thing i thought bout doing but i dont think i would ever dream of having that much money at the moment well good luck and keep it posted i want to know wat you get out of this
  16. i had a new set of proforms break on me....crane's have been great!
  17. yeah i got harland instead
  18. well my refinance closed friday and the money should be in my account on thursday. it's almost time to stop talking about it and start doing it.

    so here's the combo:
    - 1971 351 windsor block, .040 over
    - chp 408 stroker kit, forged pistons and rods, steel crank
    - jay allen matched cam and heads (canfield)
    - chp spyder intake
    - JLT intake pipe (maybe)
    - 42# injectors
    - lightning maf
    - bbk 75mm throttle body
    - long tubes
    - high flow cats (maybe not)
    - custom side exit exhaust

    any horsepower guesses? i think i'll be disappointed if it makes less than 450 rwhp

    other stuff i'm doing:
    - k-member, a-arms, coil overs, struts
    - new leather on the seats
    - fresh coat of paint
    - fix steering, radio and a/c

    any suggestions for a k-member and stuff? i'm thinking maximum motorsports for all of it.
  19. update:

    AFR 205s are in the mail :nice:

    an eddy performer rpm intake with a typhoon lower and 90mm LMAF are also in the mail

    my builder also does cams, so he is doing that too.

    2 weeks till it is ready ... unless he hits a snag on the cam
  20. 450 rwhp... SWEET...

    Maybe it is in here and I missed it. What you you doing for the trans?