blackvert's n/a buildup thread

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by BlackVert, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. are u still going to try and use the cobra hood, if no u got a buyer ready to go right here!!
  2. yes i definately want it to fit under my cobra hood. the wife will know something is up if it comes home with a different hood.

    when i was up there picking up the block, the guy i got it from showed me his project. he has a tremec tranny with about 500 miles he is switching away from and said he'd let me have it for $1000. he also has a spec clutch with the same miles he won't be needing.

    he also showed me his kooks headers. boy those are sweet. i think i might go with them

    on a side note, the AFR 205s should be here early next week, and i just bought a pro products 351 lower with performer rpm upper and 90mm LMAF.

    things are finally starting to happen :banana:
  3. Hey Chris

    What are you gonna do to the rest of the driveline :shrug:

    to hold the power of that Windsor Stroker :)

  4. new clutch

    i thought i'd put my 3.27s back in and freshen up the bearings back there while it was apart.

    i don't know if i will need to have anything done to the driveshaft :shrug:

    am i missing something?

  5. If you don't have axles, and ever plan to run drag radials or slicks, put some 31 splines in.
  6. the long block is done!














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  7. that's amazing.
  8. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! Keep the precision vc's though.
  9. thanks! they are too tall, but they are getting stock height ones that should fit over the rockers.
  10. So when does it go in?
  11. Looks awesome man!!!
  12. Sweet buildup man, keep us updated, especially on the hood situation and total price.
  13. I love this Thread. Looks amazing!
  14. Ah Chris...........I'm happy for you...............jealous as hell...................but happy for you....................
  15. lol, you know i'll definately keep you all posted.

    i am afraid to add up the total ... it's amazing how fast it adds up ... it was $1300 for the block and rotating assy, at least another $4000 for the rest of the motor hardware (heads, cam, intake, headers, march crap, polished accessories, ... basically the whole engine is brand new except the block), and i just got the engine builder's bill ... $4000.

    then there will be the installation, paint, new leather for the seats, carpet, stereo, ...

    but it will still be a h3ll of a lot cheaper than buying a new mustang gt convertible (which was my other option), and i think it will maybe be a little faster than one.
  16. just a bit faster :rolleyes
  17. I thought you were going to run a performer RPM intake?

    It looks bad ass BTW. I LOVE those brackets. I so want those, but I just can't spend what they want for them.
  18. yeah, it is a performer intake, not a performer rpm ii intake. i'm not sure which intake will be better with this combo, so i am planning to get a rpm ii upper for when i take it to the dyno. i'll stick with whichever one gives me a better torque curve.

    yeah, i love the march stuff too, but they don't make brackets for people in my situation, 94/95 accessories on a 351w engine, so i had to go with fox accessories. it is beautiful stuff, but expensive as all get out. just the brackets, alt and a/c compressor put me back like $1500. but the rest of the motor is so beautiful that it seemed like a shame to not go all the way with it.

    so now i am thinking i am going to have to shell out the $$$ to have onebad95 polish my upper. then i'll need to get the elbow and throttle body polished too ...
  19. What kind of spark plug wires, looms and size of those spark plug wires are they?
  20. JFYI- the RPM II will not fit on the lower you have. You will have to run an old style RPM or a typhoon upper. I'd reall surprised if either isn't a pretty big restriciton for 410 cubes.

    Charlie does increadible work. Are you going ton have it dyno'd before you polish it?