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  1. hey any of u non-SC cobra guys race the 01 camaro SS or any SS camaro?
    a friend of mine keeps saying how his SS camaro would whoop my cobra very badly but i tell him i dont care. im just curious how u guys run against them? i plan on getting some 4.30 gears and a KB (later on) and teach him a lesson LOL! i also have a magnapack cat-back kit coming later next week.
  2. I have not gotten a chance in my 99, but I am putting 410 gears and a tune next week so I think that should take care of them. In stock form, they both supposedly have the same 0-60 times, but they have us in 1/4 by a few tenths. But when I bought my 99, I drove a bunch of SS's that were all very fast, but I still felt that once the power came on in the Cobra it was bye bye SS. I have heard that just a gear swap can make all the difference. :nice:
  3. Havn't had a problem w/ one yet.
  4. they are a little faster then a 01 z28....not much faster tho. its different then comparing gt's to cobras. im not sure what is different from the ss and the z28 but performance/ 1/4 mile wise its not a whole lot.
  5. He's not going to be whooping you at all with those 4.30's

    Given decent driving, you should pull him easy down low and hold it up top
  6. yeah i was figuring that he will be fearing the gear LOL!

    im not one to talk smack to someone but all im gonna do is rub in on him that his car is extinct and the 03/04 would hand him is @ss on a plate.
  7. yep raced one, raped it. :)
  8. even though it has like 300hp, why doesnt it seem to beat cobras? too slow to launch and too big?
  9. Unless you have a significant amount of mods a stock LS1 F body will walk all over a 96-01 cobra, especially the 96-98s. 4.30s are a good upgrade, but we are talking about a car that puts down near 300rwhp from the factory. Who leaves a LS1 stock anymore anyways, those owners know the potential of simple bolt ons also. A stock LS1 F body is a rare as stock a 5.0 mustang around orlando.
  10. the one i raced spun pretty good at the launch, but then again I did too. He had a 6 speed so he didn't lose cause he had an auto. I pulled him very easily and if we didn't shut it down at the next light it would have been uglier. As it was, I think I won by 4 car lengths.
  11. I can't wait to get my 4.30s, do those then get some nitto DRs and have some fun.
  12. well i figure it has a 40hp jump on us at the most (like 260/270 to their 300/310 to the wheels). i know this particular LS1 doesnt have any engine mods to it cuz the guy doesnt know how to upgrade his car LOL :) he hasnt done anything.
  13. I have an 01 Cobra with 4.10's in it and I raced an SS the other day......

    The only reason I think I won though was this kid that was drivin could not shift what so ever. I think he was tryin to double clutch it but he couldn't do it fast enough (apparently). We both pulled hard through every gear at the same pace and we woulda been neck and neck but i guess this kid was havin a bad day or something........
  14. Your racing the wrong Ls1's than...6sp it's a drivers and your in trouble.

    4 Guys went to Gulfport last Friday..

    02SS with lid/[email protected] sprayed a 150 shot [email protected]

    99SS with lid/exhaust and a 200 shot- [email protected]

    99 WS-6 with Stall, exhaust, lid, heads, small cam, 125 shot- [email protected]

    01SS with stall, full exhaust, heads, big cam, 125 shot- [email protected]

    All cars were autos and all were on Nittos except the last two were on ET Streets...stock blocks and stock trans except the last two had stalls.
  15. i'd hope they'd run times like that, especially on the spray
  16. sounds pretty cool with those times. personally i have no clue why my friend is taunting me with his camaro. when i get a KB installed, he is roasted :)
  17. KB makes a kit for your cobra?
  18. im calling bull**** unless you have some serious mods, i dont know, maybe he was a ****ty driver, i used to have an LS1 2001 Camaro SS, that thing has balls, it was a POS but it did move. now i raced a few people stock, and never lost to an SVT cobra, then after i put my cam & heads & I/H/E, it was like racing a GT when i was stock, i would pull hard, probably 6 or 7 cars, sometimes, a few buses.
    btw, with all my mods it was at 437.7 at the wheels
    stock it was about 302.4 at the wheels. just so yall know.
  19. wow i dont mean to start a war here :)
  20. call BS all you want. i was there, you weren't. the only mod he had that i knew of was exhaust. :shrug: