Can someone help me out with my 1994 Mustang GT

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by enycezc3m, Apr 26, 2008.

  1. i got my fuel filter done and it runs wayyy better
  2. That's why we always tell everybody getting new cars to start with:

    Cleaning/replacing filters
    Tune up
    Fluid change

  3. yea stp fuel system cleaner somthing like that the gray bottle helped me ALOT i gained back so much power and now it shifts gears better it doesnt choke like before... i got a new fuel filter also and a new radiator hose... now my car kicks in very fast way better then before. anything eles you guys recommend on what i should get done to my car that can help out alot perfomance wise>? clean maf? and maf sensor? that would help right? i havent cleaned it yet but im curious if i was to clean it now id probly feel a more faster... correct me if im wrong. for now my cars fast sounds fast im so happy feeling all the power on my car lol its so good... i cant explain how bad it was from when i first got it i swear a civic could of beat me but now its on a whole new level... please tell me more of what i should get done...
  4. Ive never seen so much excitement from from an STP fuel treatment :lol:
  5. You really want to see excitement? Go get a can of Sea Foam, pull off your brake booster vacuum line, or the one near the EGR bend area of the upper intake, shove the hose in the can while running the engine revs up to around 1500 to keep it from dying, turn off engine immediately after empty and wait 3 minutes, start it back up, and keep on the gas to keep the engine running and blow this all through the intake system. you will have a cloud of smoke you can see for a block, but when it is over, OH WHAT A DIFFERENCE I HAVE SEEN. Used this method on lots of different vehicles. Mustangs have a pretty good sized intake from the factory with not a lot of tubes, but on intakes that have tubes, or lots of bends and twists this releases carbon that restricts flow. It also helps clean the heads out very well.
  6. sea foam? ok im gna get it done tommorrow anything eles... i dont have a muffler i have 2 straight pipes what kind of muffler should i get to sound really bad ass>?
  7. MACs
  8. what does sea foam do to my car?
  9.'s like putting Mentos in Coke!!

  10. so basically it gives it a huge boost?
  11. Helps remove carbon build-up!
  12. ok anything besides sea foam i should get done?
  13. Did you change the oil, spark plugs and wires?

    What about bumping the timing a couple degrees?

  14. if you do the wires and plugs do the cap and rotor as well
  15. ok i orderd sea foam from ebay... when it comes ill do it. and no i havent changed anything from timing to wires. where do i start off from?
  16. You can go to Summit Racing and get FMS 8mm wires, an MSD Coil blaster coil, distributor, and spark plugs (from anywhere) Get a Haynes Manual for the Mustang in an auto parts store and read some sections of it. It should tell you the Spark plug gapping. Just change one wire at a time so you dont mix them up.

    Good Luck

  17. 1.sea foam
    2.8mm wires coil blaster
    4.distributor spark plugs
    thats all?

  18. :shrug: Sea foam is like $5 at Autozone.

    I didn't read all the replies but o2 sensors, an off road h pipe with some mufflers, pullies, and a set of gears will make you happy. They will at least put you in the ring with a stock 99 and up gt. Low 13.80's to 14.20's in the quarter if you can drive decent. For a $2000 car that is almost 15 years old, I would start saving for a longblock if it has the original. Just remember when you beat on something things break, and things can get expensive.:nice:
  19. what does oil tranny flush do? and engine flush? is 90 dollers worth for both of them to get done?
  20. I just bought a '94 GT 5.0 and have learned a lot just from reading this thread. The Sea Foam thing has me worried, but I know the basics to start from, I think. Though mine seems to run a lot better than enyce's apparently.