Car and Driver Review- 05 Stang vs. 05 GTO

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  1. The problem here is GTO owners are comparing their car to the Mustang GT instead of the Cobra which is in the same class and price range. Compare all you want boys, but the truth is the Mustang will outsell the GTO hands down and for the price is the best car in its class. GTO owners don't seem to be getting that through their heads.

    I really have nothing against the GTO, in fact my family had two GTO's back in the day and I grew up idolizing that car... perhaps had GM designed a new chassis and body instead of importing a fugly car from down under I could respect it a bit more.

    As for the rice comment, fine go ahead and make that comparison, I suppose thats fair... but it still doesn't make it any less true. A Mustang GT is not in the same class as a GTO and with a few thousand under the hood you can expect the GTO to be left in the dust... no reason to be bitter about buying the GTO, its your car, enjoy it while you can.
  2. Pulled this from

    Most Mr's are putting 220-230 to the wheels bone stock.

    Dyno is with Catback and Tune.

  3. the difference in power between the regular evo and the mr is minimal, yes, they're underrated (225whp), but they're not making 350-360hp in stock trim, same engine, almost same turbo, 6 speed,a little bit ligther, the difference in power is not much compared to what a stock evo is putting down the wheels. that's the US spec for $36k....
  4. That would indicate it is indeed under-rated when you remember how much drivetrain loss there is in AWD.
  5. one last time, i didn't say they were not underrated, read again, i said, they're not making 350-360hp :)
  6. My comment wasn't directed towards you, it was directed towards the user who posted the dyno graph; your comment wasn't there yet when I hit the post reply button :)
  7. The Cobra and Vettes out there must suck because they were outsold by V6 stangs......

    Now maybe you understand my prettier cheaper post.....

  8. I was already highly regarded before that... ;)

  9. Thats awesome to read. LOL at them GTO boys :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  10. I have a dumb ? for you since you have the auto and I haven't actually saw one in person up close to know ... Can you manually select 1st-4th gear and is there still a button on the shifter for O/D (5th gear)?? Sorry for being off topic, but I would like to know.

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  11. I have the article if anyone wants it.
  12. Zero,

    How do you like your Mach? Ant regrets but buying a Cobra instead?
  13. I donno... But I'm told the 2004 GTO sold about 11,000 units, and I've read over 25,000 Mustangs sold before the car was even at the dealerships... To that end, it would've technically outsold the GTO before day 1. :D
  14. By that comparison, the 2004 GTO's must suck too, because the LS1 F-body handily outsold it while costing about the same(going by those saying they only paid 25K) and being a minimum of 2 model years older. It's even more obvious when we consider the price drop of up to $8,000. :D
  15. And anyone who bought a GT over an LS1 is an idiot too by that logic.
  16. The only reason the GTO sold that many unit's is because of the 3500 dollar rebate and 0% APR for 60 months.
  17. Agreed! TRANS_AM, All I was saying about the GTO is that while it may be a good car, it is rather expensive (60 - 70k here) which isn't SO bad, except that Holden basically chopped an existing sedan whereas the Mustang is designed as a two-door, and the new one is a re-design in almost every aspect, and is cheaper.
  18. For gods sake goatboy you keep comparing the GTO to the GT, not the V6, not the Vette and certainly not the logical choice of the Mustangs: the Cobra. So in keeping with this asinine argument between the two cars the GT outsells and obviously out styles the GTO. Come to grips with the truth so we can close this thread.