Car and Driver Review- 05 Stang vs. 05 GTO

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  1. I thought you were not going to post anymore. :shrug:
  2. A very well thought, intelligent post. Thanks for that. Hope you stick around.
  3. Every C&D comparo is subjective. Why do think BMW almost always wins even when the other cars out-perform them? The C&D writers and testers are offering their opinion of which car is more desirable apart from the performance numbers. It's the intangible part of any comparison.
  4. The red leather interior and dash on the GTO looks nice, it's just that the exterior just doesn't do anything for me. It just seems kind of dull.

    My Mustang has the red leather interior as well, and I love the way the dash it set up.


    However, there is no comparison in looks of the exterior. The 2005 Mustang is the most beautiful car on the road. I work at a bank with a lot of fine looking women. And they are totally digging me now (not that they didn't before when I had a TA).

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  5. ROFLOL. :rlaugh:

    I'm sorry...that just struck me as being funny as hell. Carry on. :)
  6. The sales numbers will speak for themselves as to who did a better job..Ford or GM. The Mustang has been positioned in the sweet spot of the market. I have a ton of cars (14 to be exact) and I love to drive my 05 Stang the most (except for Shelby). It just FEELS right and I am going to have a lot of fun personaliziing it.
  7. I am not sure where you are getting this "mustang handles" better but I will have to take your word for it. I have driven the new GT but I have not driven a GTO but I personally get annoyed when the whole car jumps to one side of the road when you hit a bumb because of a live axel. That C&D test had the GTO getting a better score for "fun to drive" and the "Chassis(Brake,Steering,Handling,Performance feel) " test. In the subcatagory of handling the GTO got a 9 and the GT got an 8. The GTO also got a 10 for steering and the GT got a 7. The test report disagrees with you.

    You sound exactly like an import/srt-4 owner in that statement. "I could have bought an srt-4 for 5000 less and with those 5000 dollars I could have a 450 WHP car". How about, "my 91 DSM cost 1500 dollars, if I spent 23,500 my car would kill your car in everyway". Or even the dreaded "I could have purchased a 2005 Civic and used to 12,000 to beat you in everway"

    Leave that argument at home; it holds no water.

    :( :p :shrug: ...watcha talking about? :spot:

    Not quite, plenty of better cars sell worse than cars because of advertisment, magazine reviews, wives tells, etc; not because it is the better machine. A couple of examples are the IS300, the LS1 F-body (Great example), all the Geo cars, the recent Buick Regals with the Supercharger etc etc.

    Lastly, about the "gotta have it factor", did it say anything about outward styling? That would most likely also have a lot to do with it.
  8. It was meant to be funny.. :D :nice: :rlaugh:
  9. Good! Cause I guarantee that I thought otherwise - and there are plenty of...uh....people that have posted such statements with complete sincerety. :)
  10. Heh... Prettier is an opinion. It happens to be shared by about 90% ofthe worlds population in this case. If they've seen both cars, that is.
    Cheaper. Indeed true.
    Spend 6K and make it as fast... Hardly. For less than 6K it's quite a bit faster. Infact, WAY faster if even the 2V is an indication. Big question is, could a GTO owner spend the same amount and keep up! I mean, 6K will get a nice supercharger, and maybe even turbocharger, plus slicks, gears, shifter, etc.. Costs more than that for the S/C fitting a GTO alone.

    To make it "as fast," I could do that for under $1,000 and wouldn't even need to bother with slicks in the process. I prolly would anyway, but so. :nice:
  11. I smell fried rice. Domesitic fried rice. Go buy a civic and spend 15k and make it faster than a GT. Everyone will think you are sooooooo cool. :nice: :lol: :lol:
  12. so now people that mod their own cars are ricers? what is with you GTO owners?
  13. I don't own a GTO actually but why his argument is ricey is because he brings price into the equation of buying a car then brings up mods.

    That is a never ending argument because if you wanted the fastest car on the road that was a new car you would buy the cheapest car on the road and then mod it using that logic. I love those fast Daewoos. :rolleyes:

    And then you are stupid because you bought a new car using that same argument. Why not buy a 85 5.0 Notchback or a 91 DSM for 1000 dollars?

    Again, using that same argument, why would someone ever buy a Ferrari Enzo. You could buy a civic and make it faster! The argument has no weight.
  14. i think it's because we're using the typical ricer excuse "if my 05 gt had a supercharger i'll hoop your azz.", then they would say "my 05 gto could have a supercharger also" then what???
    one more time, we should be happy because we have powerful cars from the factory. think about it, for the guys that can afford a 300hp for 28k is a must.
    for people looking for more engine performance on a 33k package then the gto is a must. take a look at the price of a brand new mitsubishi evolution MR for example. it was on autoweek this week. $36k for a 280hp awd package. :notnice:
    if i was on the market looking for performance/price, the options would be clear: 300 HP 05GT/ 400HP 05 GTO of pure RWD American Power price 28k-33k :nice:
  15. GTO owners are just mad because the Mustang probably outsold The GTO's year long production numbers in 3 months time..... If that.

    Zero.. The MR has about 350-360 Horsepower. It's just rated at 280.
  16. I'll stick with my 4 Mustangs, thanks. Maybe you should read through my response again though. I'm concinced you didn't understand it the 1st time. :nice:

    And btw, I'd gladly drag race the quickest GTO on planet earth. I have no concern for "what if's."
  17. Hah! Actually, the Mustang oustold the GTO for 2004 models in less than 3 weeks. :rlaugh:
  18. Really? :lol: :lol: :lol: That's ****ing sad
  19. I agree, very constructive post.
  20. That's hysterical if that is true. How many GT's have been sold already since that would be a better representation.