Chrome spray paint for pony rims?????

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by BLADDER92FOX, Aug 22, 2005.

  1. I used duplicolor silver, and it tuned out to actaully be duct tape grey. Less brigt, but not as dark as the charcoal.

    I am in the process of redoing them... :nonono:

    I am considering the chrome also, it doesn't actually look like chrome, I used it on the inside of my taillight housings, and it is silverish, but brighter than argent.

    Think twice about the duplicolor, my experience sucked with that type of argent color. I need to buy a couple more NEW cans, and see if I just got a few old ones at the store when I did it.
  2. Alright, time to weigh in on this as I watched my roommate try it on his girlfriend's rims for months....

    The Duplicolor stuff CAN work. That being said, don't waste your time with it. To do it right, you have to sand FOREVER. Then you need to setup a spray booth to keep nature from sticking in the paint. Primer coats are easy. The color is the issue. He had trouble getting the color to show on a couple of the wheels. On others, he had run issues...even doing light coats. I think after 2-3 months of working them, one wheel ended up looking good. So, he took them to a guy who specializes in painting wheels and had them done for less than $200. I think the guy was a friend of his though, so not sure if you could find the same price. Just DO NOT bother with the spray can painting. As tempting as it may be, the time spent trying to get it right will drive you insane (and your roommates will hate you too!).
  3. Hummm... I painted my pony wheels with spray paint from Autozone, and they came out looking better then NEW. I believe it has more to do with prep and patients.