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  1. After following (yet again) another hot-blooded debate between Classic Mustang restorers and Classic Mustang customizers, see:

    Would it make sense to split the classic mustang forum into two separate ones, Classic and Restomod? Anyone have an opinion?
  2. My opinion:



    I have a problem with my stock drum brake setup...I post a question in the classic forums.

    I have a problem with my aftermarket shifter or guages...I post in the 'restomod' section?

    Seems like you could get the same answers in both sections. Not worth it. No sense in drawing a line between classic folks :)
  3. I don't think splitting us up would help anybody. I think both sides can learn a little from one another.

    It seems, to me anyway, that most of us here would fall into the "restomod" category anyway with a couple "stock as a rock" guys thrown in to keep things from getting too crazy.
  4. Hell no. I think a good arguement every now and again keeps things from getting boring. Kinda like a traffic accident on the way home from work, fun to check out, and be glad it's not you!
  5. Forum

    We already split the Talk out, that's enough. I like to bridge the gap between the two, trying to keep it stock looking, while working in as much modern tech as I can! My last two Mustangs are prime examples, the SCJ Mach, and now Chepie.

    An intersting and accomodating idea, yes. But not needed now. IMO.

  6. :lol: I agree. Too many sensitive people these days. Grow some skin
  7. no need to split the forum again,,, it's still all classics, whether it's a restomod, or a MCA gold car.... and if the forum was split, I think most classic owners would be surfing both anyways...
  8. No split. There are still enough stock thing on my Mach. So restomod guys might know something to help an original. I think we should be all left together.
  9. I would have to say NO to a split! I have learned many differnt things from both "sides" and most of the time it is in or on the same thread or topic. If we were to seperate/segregate the two we would loose allot of vauable input and plus it's good to have all the different opinions if we didnt we would all be driving around in grey ela-snore's j/k:D
  10. In my short tenure on this forum, I have been offered help from both "sides". This is my fourth classic Mustang. 66' coupe, 66' fastback, 67' convert. and now the 68' vert. Although I am restomoding the 68' I am working with the same base as everyone else; the envy of my neighborhood- classic mustang. I have read a few pathetic comments from the bored, stupid, and useless participants. Opinions are fine, and sometimes benefit all... with that said, I, like most here would rather hear from those genuinely wanting to help. Those knuckle dragging dweebs that have nothing better to do than type in their anger should just go to the local bar, tap some monster on his shoulder and open thier mouth like they do here. Good riddence, I will send the flowers.

    The split would be wrong, detrimental to all involved, and much more work for everyone. I say just drop the crap, kick out those that constantly antagonize and the rest of us will go on with our pursuit of happiness... warm days, open roads and mustang cruizin'.

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot... killer forum- everyone.
  11. I was just thinking that we need one of these.

    At least we would be able to roam free with our ideas and not be totally whaled on when they are brough forth.

    We can all help each other if we stuck together but obviously that won't happen anytime soon.

    I for the most part have stayed quiet through everybodies thoughts but I'm tired of that. It's just not right to make people feel stupid for something different.

    If you don't like it shut your mouth. If you want to help or have useful info. well post.

    This is not a debate forum it is a car enthusiast one.
  12. I’m glad to hear that everyone is getting grounded here. I’ve seen several of these forums get trashed & sink by all of the infighting and flame. I think that this is the best one that I’ve ever seen (and I've been a Mustanger for a looong time too!) with the most varied skill sets and interests & some real personalities.

    Once some people take offense at other posters & it becomes personal.. we will be in trouble here, and people will lose interest and leave. I’m not crazy about splitting the forum either, but I just wanted to present another option for people to think about. The way that this thread (and SD’s thread ) turned out just proves how good this board really is.
  13. at the beginning of reading this, i was like split sounds good. Cause i am a stock as a rock all original stang owner, and sometimes its annoying to sort through all the add-on (restomod) threads. But then I was like, theres prolly a whole 10 stock as a rock people on here, so a classic forum would simply be too small to be active. No point in creating a dead forum. So I say NO, dont split it.
  14. I say leave well enough alone. While the CONCEPT of 100% stock, is great (I plan on keeping my 00 that way forever, with exception of maybe rims -keep the old one around though-and things like that), it can be an impossiblity for some of us. Just like historic homes, sometimes there isn't enought left to work with, or parts just aren't available (or affordable!), or just impractical for thier current uses. It does make me kringe to hear of a 100% stock car in great rust free shape being modded in irreversible ways, but that is the owner's decision. We sold a car because we couldn't do it-it was too good to be messed with, but we couldn't afford to have parts fabbed up, or hunt down NOS parts. And while someone may say that cars like my 73 aren't worth the effort, as they will require more $$ than they will eventually be worth, they are worth 100x more in learning and pride than the financial loss/gain. I am not in this hobby for a retirement fund, or to say my car is worth more than my neighbors, or to make money, I am here because of a simple thing: I love Mustangs (and some other cars/trucks, but we won't go there, lol). Going for a drive in the 00 brings a smile to my face, I have met some REALLY awesome people-especially this past year, and the 73 continues to challange both my self and my husband to learn more and do more than we ever imagined. We were laughing last night when we talked about the first head gasket we did on my truck-and now we're ready to rip apart a whole motor! I have found this forum invaluable in helping with the mach, and gaining the confidence to say "ok, well then, we'll just replace the shock tower", rather than staring at the car for years in the garage. While I wasn't the one welding it in, if I hadn't said that we could do it, my husband NEVER would have tried. Now we are taking what we learned and getting ready to finally restore his first car-after it sat now for 9 years because we just didn't know how to patch the rust, and even if we thought we did-we were afraid to try.

    So that was my REALLY long way of saying that although the restomodding and stock as a rock folks may not always see eye to eye, splitting the forums won't change that, and it certainly won't help people get answers to thier restoration questions!
  15. No need to split, just swallow your pride ones a while.
    Everybody are entitled to the own opinion, and car is yours
    do what you like to do with it, you paid for it. Just be carefull to not destroy
    rare models.
  16. Sums it up well for me. :nice:
  17. Split?


    What it comes down to is everyone does have their own opinion.

    If you can't respect others for their opinion, then it should be split.

    It's one thing to state your opinion, but it's another to attack someone elses. Neither will change the others opinion, so why create the ill will.

    We all love the same car, the Mustang!

  18. I totally agree with u
  19. Well, I can call ya'll a bunch of newbies, because this has effectively happened before, and the outcome was a new website. Happened in late '99 if I remember correctly and the main cause of the problem was the moderator.

    People just need to be a little more tollerant of each other and try to remember, you don't know who's going to be reading and responding to your post, so if someone doesn't agree with you, don't get pissed off.

    Everyone also has to realize, they may make parts for our cars, but they're not making any new ones. Even those of you that say you'll never get rid of your car, remember, it's not really your car, you're just the keeper of it right now. If you take great car of your car, it's gonna outlast you. Just as some 16 year old on here might inherit a "stock as a rock" '65 200 3-speed coupe from his grandpa and want to throw a stereo, a 347 with a T-5 behind it, whomever inherits your car may say, "what a turd, I don't want a 500 hp old Mustang that only runs mid 10's in the 1/4, I want the 5000hp hovercraft that does Mach I in the quarter and runs for 1000 years on a quart of tap water with it's explosive space modulator power source" and have it recycled to make garbage trucks out of.

    Lots of street rodders have chopped all steel 3 window coupes, well now they make all steel new ones, maybe that fate will befall our beloved Mustangs, but you never know. When someone cautions you about making a serious modification, they're just wanting you to really consider the ramifications of your actions.

    I know a guy that bought a '65 or '66 Shelby that had been customized. The back window went all the way up the roof to about 4" from the windshield. Everything that is normally chrome plated on a show car was gold plated and everything else that could be unbolted was chrome plated. The car had about 14 colors on the underside alone. The C shapes on the sides looked like fish scales. The interior was done in velour and had a wet bar and tv in the back. It had a rare set of slot mags that had 6 slots instead of 5, the company (US Mag?) made 6 sets to give out as prizes to Grand Champion show cars and this car had a set. The motor was the hipo 289 with 8 webers, all chrome and gold plated. This was back in the late 70's and early 80's when they weren't worth as much as they are now. He got drunk and rolled it one night about a mile from the bar. The motor ended up in a '40 Ford pickup, the car was sent to the crusher. This was in the far NW Missouri area. Some day I'll get the pics of the car and scan them and post 'em.
  20. I agree, but when reality becomes fiction, and you are all alone on Mount Olympus, and bored, and you try to amuse yourself by trying to make yourself look bigger than you are and belittle the other folks, by calling what they want to do "stupid" or make fun of their avatar, or just scan the posts trying, in fact hoping you can find some miss quote or slight slip up, so you get yet another chance to squash the little folks, it is time to take your meds, and quietly go into the night.

    WHAT A RANT!!! :D :lol: