Complete turbo kit for 351w

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by 10secgoal, Jan 30, 2008.

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  1. Have a friend that wants to sell his complete kit, wastegate,turbo two BOV's and exhaust that is jet hot coated.I have this one pic so far/ Kit can be removed in about 1.5 hrs and packaged up. Said he would get rid of it if he could 1900 for all of it. the kit runs headers back like normal, then forward. Kit is in S.D., CA. It is for sale locally also so first come here, is not promised the sale.
    Pic is from cell phone


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  2. what turbo is it?
  3. Check your PM!
  4. It's a PT-70, precision, I don't know the hotside, but it's on a 408, so I'm pretty sure it's a .96
  5. milage? what kind of hp has it made? track times? how well is the turbo workin on the 408? I'm thinking of throwing it on a 383.
  6. Not sure on the mileage, he really doesn't drive it that much. He told me it made 750rwhp, but the turbo was out of breathe. The inlet temps were up over 200 deg. But for 5-600 rwhp, should be a great sized turbo. Too small for all out racing on that size motor, but not bad for street. Honestly, would be more fitting on a 383 than a 408.
  7. Could you get me some specs on the piping size etc. AR on the turbo.
  8. He's guessing the turbo has 2k miles. He doesn't drive much. Still trying to find out the AR, he doesn't know much about turbos. His buddy did, so they there it together. The tubing is 2.5 until it merges, then it goes into 3in. The DP is 3 out also. The car was in PHM and Hot Rod mags. It just doesn't get driven much.
  9. Sounds like a decent set up.

    Is the turbo a t-4 or t-6?
  10. It's a T4 for sure. His new one is supposed to be a T-6 88
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