Congress to Ford: drop the 2010 Mustang, get cash

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  1. You are getting people as worked up as her :rlaugh:
  2. some people don't realize that ford = mustang. the two names are so intertwined now, that I honestly think ford would surely fail without the mustang.

    It's the mustang that EVERYONE drools over. All the young people, and all the older folks who could only dream of owning a 60's unit when they were new.

    People love the mustang. they come to the dealership to look at the mustangs, and they drive home with a focus.

    the mustang must remain, it must continue, and it must be strong for Ford.
  3. THAT will never happen. Ford will never drop mustang. my girl's father works for ford and he said "WHAT?!" get outta here...just so you know :)
  4. looks like she inadvertently (or not) got what she wanted...people to read her drivel...

    newspapers are pretty much one very small step above AM talk shows as a source for intelligent opinions
  5. She on Crank or something
  6. This is true, the Mustang does fare very well with Safety already.

    Holy crap!! :eek::jaw:

    You hit something at 135 MPH and walked away? That's insane man, major congrats to you on that, did you also escape injuries? How did the car look after?

    I remember seeing a frontal crash Test on a 94 Mustang, granted back then I think it wasn't offset Tests being done, and it was 35 MPH instead of 40, but there was NO passenger cell intrusion whatsoever, and back in that time, even cars rated highly had some intrusion as it was pretty normal (not the case anymore today thankfully).
  7. I have been a mustang fan since day one in 1965. For the breed to survive the V6 has to be more full efficient. They must have a fuel efficient model that can be sold in such great numbers to keep the lines producing. That is what will save the V8 cars. I WANT THE V8 MUSTANG TO SURVIVE.

    I do not know how old most of you are on this forum. Does anyone remember the gas line of 1979.
    The lady was just telling it like it is. The mood of government is changing and is on the verge of taking over Detriot. Believe it are Not.

    The 4.0 dosn't get anybetter fuel economy than my 1991 5.0. I have made many long trips with my buddy driving his 06 4.0 V6 and he only gets 1 mile per gallon on the highway better than my 5.0. That is not going to get it.

    Fuel is going to go up, and the the present V6 is not going to attrack many buyers as a fuel efficient car.

    The 1994-1997 3.8 got 31 miles on the highway and 24 in town normal driving.

    The new 3.5 V6 we here about must top that.

    Shame on Ford brass if they do not respond.
  8. Wow, it is incredible how ignorant some people in positions of great influence (such as this reporter Karen Wagner) can be.

    My response was #197 - that's a heckuva coincidence ... S197 :)

    EDIT: correction mine was somehow #199 immediately following #196 (and #197 & 198 don't exist???)
  9. For the V-8 to survive, Ford has to produce a V-6 that gets better gas mileage. The V-6 has been what's kept the Mustang alive all of these years. Ford sells more of them and that success is why the V-8 is still offered. Chevy didn't focus on its V-6 Camaros back in the day and that's what killed them the first time around.
    It is true that my Mustang GT gets better mileage than many of Ford's other vehicles. That means Ford has a problem. It has to build vehicles that get better mileage. Ford has to listen.
  10. [​IMG]
    I didn't "walk" away. I fractured my hip in 3 places and sustained many cuts from glass. I was pulling glass out for weeks. I also had some nerve damage in my hand from where glass went all the way through. My hip took about 6 months to fully heal, though I was able to walk without assistance after 2 months. The nerve damage took about a year and a half to get over.

    I personally don't think there are many cars that I could have "walked away" from that in. I thank Ford's cheap interior, for one. If the center console was more solid, I would've been squished a lot worse. The center console gave way, and I was actually found where the center console was supposed to be.
  11. Holy crap. :jaw:

    Yeah, people always dog on the cheap plastics, but the plus side to them is safety if you were to ever need them to give way.

    I wonder how you would have fared if the car had side and curtain Airbags? Perhaps you could have gotten away with none of the glass damage?

    Either way, that's a damn miracle and congrats for making it out alive.
  12. Ford has thought about dropping the mustang a few times, but us owners have always convinced them that they should keep building a pony car.

    The 4.6L motor has come a long way from the pathetic debut it had. My brother's 05 gets 16/17 MPG in town and as much as 25/26 on the hwy. I still think the pushrod V8 Chevy makes trumps it, but that's just my opinion.

    Is the mustang going to get one of those "ecoboost" engines?
  13. I think that it was pretty clear where this lady's opinion and heart lies, jealousy.

    Why would the American public kill themselves with an image car that does not get hybrid gas mileage; or so she probably deems appropriate.

    Why is it that other companies are trying to spin off of the American Icon and most have failed?

    It is also appearant that Karen's automotive knowledge beyond a magazine is very limited.

    As most have researched, for those who care, there are plenty of Honda Accord/Civic Owners in an outrage averaging only 22 mpg out of 4cyls. My uncles neighbor regularly sees 25 mpg out of his 08 Civic. In the summer, I see 23-25 out of my low technology 04 GT auto. This is a very jaded case though because I could probably turn an easy 30 out of the Honda, but on either side of the argument, others have complained as well, so maybe they (Hondas) aren't as efficient as they once were. Even Toyota Corolla lost mpg when they changed their design. I also know that it is possible to turn 30 mpg out of a v8 stick GT on the highway if you drive it in a law-abiding manner, so one can not factor that out as well.

    I think Karen hasn't come out of the closet yet in terms of her really being a Mustang lover, but is upset because her Prius friends would disown her in Cali.
  14. LOL, they cooked her for dinner bro.... haha my 2nd amendment rights.
  15. the chicago tribune should let her go to save money during these hard economic times
  16. She had a lot to say about the Mustang, but what about Ford's efforts with the upcoming Fusion Hybrid, which will be the most fuel- efficient mid-size sedan in America? They're even saying Ford will likely not make a dime profit, yet they did it anyways, the technology's just too new.

    Ehh, I guess it's tough for a company like Ford, where what, 60% profit comes from it's best selling truck, and they sell so many, it's gotta be hard to manage all the fuel efficiency regulations. Perhaps this hybrid is a tool to offset this, leaving room for cars like the mustang, and more powerful luxury cars.

    And following up what's already been said, the mustang sells, it makes money, business is business, ya can't just drop a car, lose millions, and screw over your shareholders simply because ya need a loan. It's a damn good thing Ford has the liquidity it has, or they'd be cuttin in line with GM and Chrysler, although I'm sure they want the money just as bad.
    While it makes me nervous, being a tax payer, especially with the big three's history(quality throughout the 80's/90's), I think a bailout for the auto industry needs to happen, however it can't be as simple as a handout, they need to answer for their ignorance, all 3. I can't imagine the industry going under, all those plants, dealers, suppliers, so many lost jobs, I think I heard an estimate of 3 million jobs actually. That's just scary :shrug:
  17. Googled her name, nothing of importance pops up so her opinion on a peice of paper is sidestep to that of toilet paper. Sry...
  18. FYI, Ford had thought about dropping the Mustang, only once during it's entire 45 year history, and not a few times as you supposedly had claimed.

    That being said, the only time in which Ford had considered replacing the Mustang, was in 1987 with the Ford Probe. Which btw, I just happened to be one of those Mustang enthusiasts, who wrote to Ford protesting against such a pathetic move. And thank god that Ford actually listened to it's customers, otherwise we would all be driving around in Probes, or whatever they would be known as today !
  19. They did listen, that's why they're working on the Eco-Boost Twin Turbo I-4 and Eco-Boost 3.5L Twin Turbo V-6, for the 2011MY models. Hopefully they'll be ready in time for 2010.

    In the meantime, both versions are to include Variable Valve Timing to help improve fuel economy. While later versions, are also expected to include Direct Injection as well.
  20. do i smell a modern SVO mustang in the future?!